ZTE Blade A7 Prime not connecting to WiFi? You should try these steps

We have come up with few ideas which will help you to fix the ZTE Blade A7 Prime not connecting to the WiFi issue. This article will guide you step by step to troubleshoot the same. let’s get started:

Tips to fix ZTE Blade A7 Prime not connecting to WiFi Issue

1. Restart your Phone

Steps included:

  a. Hold down the power button of your phone.

  b. After that you’ll see an options menu -> select “Restart”.

Once your device restarts successfully, you can check if your ZTE Blade A7 Prime is connecting to WiFi or not. Our own experience says it should have to work now. But if unfortunately, the problem is still there then we suggest you check our remaining tips.

2. Make sure that your Phone is in reasonable range [ ZTE Blade A7 Prime not connecting to WiFi ]

Your phone must have to be in a reasonable range of effective routers in order to get a proper connection and good connection speed.

a. In general, you can speed up the connection, if you are 30-feet away from the router connection.

b. From 30’ to 60’ feet away, the connection will be a bit slow. This is also useful because within this range you could get a decent WiFi connection.

c. Greater than this range, there are more chances of slowing down the WiFi connection speed and it could also weaken the connection interface.

3. Try to forget the WiFi network

If the connection parameters get changed frequently on the wireless access point, this issue sometimes causes the corruption of the WiFi network. To establish a good connection interface, it’s better to delete the WiFi network.

Steps included:

a. First go to “Settings” in your ZTE Blade A7 Prime.

b. Then tap on the “WiFi” connection.

c. Look for the WiFi network option, tap, and hold it for a few seconds till you see your preferred WiFi network.

d. Select your network & tap on the “Forget” WiFi network option.

4. Re-establish WiFi connection [ ZTE Blade A7 Prime not connecting to WiFi ]

Before applying these steps make sure you have followed step number 3 & then:

a. Go to the “Settings” option.

b. Select the “WiFi” option.

c. Make sure that the “WiFi” connection is in the “ON” state.

d. Now, select your preferred WiFi network > Enter the password (if the security of your preferred WiFi network is enabled) > Tap on “Connect” & that’s it.

Still, your ZTE Blade A7 Prime is not connecting to WiFi? Don’t worry, you can try few more steps as mentioned below.

5. Restart your Modem or Router

Many times, select connection-related issues can be resolved easily and quickly once you restart the modem or router.

Steps included:

a. At first, disconnect the modem power cable.

b. If you have a router connection, try to disconnect the router data cable or push the router button to turn it off.

c. Wait for 30-40 seconds.

d. Now reconnect the router or modem cable.

e. Make sure that your device has a proper LED light.

6. Don’t forget to check the router or modem connection cable

It doesn’t matter whether you have a wireless or wired connection, but make sure that your routers and modems should have a proper internet connection and are connected properly.

To check this:

a. Check if the power cable is connected properly to the back of the modem or not. Make sure the power LED light is “ON”.

b. Make sure the connection line that is available on your mobile should have a proper service.

c. Check if the connection to the router is connected properly or not.

Finally, if you have followed all of the above-mentioned steps then your ZTE Blade A7 Prime must have connected with a proper WiFi network.

We hope this article was helpful to you !!

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