[Updated] Xiaomi Mi A3 having touch screen issue after second Android 11 update?

Mi A3

It looks like problems for Mi A3 users are not going to stop anytime soon. Yesterday (January 6th) Xiaomi released a fresh & second Android 11 update for its Mi A3 owners but after installing it some users are complaining about a touch screen issue.

Let’s take a look at below mentioned select tweets which confirms the same:

Tweet: Video showing Mi A3 touch screen issue after Android 11 Update
During our analysis we didn’t found battery-related problems exists from other users

At the beginning of 2021, this Android One powered device received a new Android 11 upgrade which was great news. But unfortunately, the OTA update released by Xiaomi failed to install in many phones (maybe some hundred or thousands) & devices were bricking. After few days Xiaomi officially confirmed that such issues are happening for few users & all affected devices will be repaired for free (even if they are out of warranty).

Now, owners of this device are very confused regarding the newly available & re-released software update. If you still didn’t have installed any new update in your Mi A3 then we suggest you stay on your decision. It’s better to wait for few days & look for feedback from other users.

Update (January 14th): We reached to Xiaomi India for their comment on this issue & received their response. You can try some steps suggested by Xiaomi India Support to overcome your Mi A3 touch screen issue. Read this article for detailed information.

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  1. IF anybody is having same issue then open the mobile using mouse or keypad and first do backup if not done then update the phone from January security update . After update now the phone will work perfectly.

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