Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Battery Drain Issue? Try these tips

If you have a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, you may have noticed that the quick battery drain issue. However, don’t worry, as we will provide some solutions in this article that may help you fix this problem. Are you eager to learn and implement our suggestions? Let’s begin.

Reasons [ Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Battery Drain Issue ]

Here are some causes for this problem:

1. Overuse

Some individuals use their phones for various activities such as making long-distance calls, taking frequent photos and videos, and using social networking apps. These are a few of the factors that contribute your phone’s battery to drain quickly over time, and this is quite normal.

2. Using an Outdated Mobile Phone

Using an outdated mobile phone can cause the battery to drain quickly, so it’s recommended to upgrade your phone every 5 years. However, because the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G isn’t an outdated gadget, you can dismiss this rationale and consider other possibilities.

3. Don’t use your Phone while Charging

Some people converse on the phone while charging & this is a big problem. It can lead to significant issues like battery overheating and slows down the functionality of your phone.

Now, let’s proceed to the solutions:

Solutions [ Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Battery Drain Issue ]


1. Analyse your Battery use.

To enable this feature, navigate to your phone’s settings -> pick “battery” -> select the option “Show full device usage” from the battery usage option.

You can check which apps are using a lot of battery power and how long they are active or running in the background, and then set limits or uninstall them if they are not needed.

2. Turn off the “Auto Brightness” Feature

You can disable the function in the display settings of your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G smartphone. When activated, the phone adjusts the brightness according to the surrounding light, resulting in increased energy consumption.

3. Disable Non-Useful Notifications [ Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Battery Drain Issue ]

We all know that every application sends out multiple notifications, such as updates and downloads related notifications. However, if you find some of these notifications unnecessary, you have the option to turn them off.

Navigate to app settings -> click on “Apps” and then uncheck the box “Show Notification” app option.

4. Manually Disable the Data Connections

If you keep data connections such as Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, or Bluetooth constantly “ON,” it will greatly decrease the battery life of your phone. To prevent this, only turn on these features when they are truly necessary, otherwise, turn them off.

5. Reduce Sleep/Screen Settings

It is crucial to recognize the duration your phone’s screen stays “ON” and then attempt to decrease the screen setting if it is not in use.

6. Look for Software Flaws [ Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Battery Drain Issue ]

If you have completed all of the steps above and are still experiencing battery drain, it is likely that there is a software issue. To resolve this, try resetting your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G phone and ensure that it has the latest software updates installed.

7. Protect the health of your Phone’s Battery

You’ve probably heard that charging your phone overnight can result in a massive explosion, right? While this is a misconception, it is still recommended that you avoid leaving your phone charging for prolonged periods of time.

Protecting your phone’s battery during everyday use is crucial, and the simplest way to do so is by avoiding excessive charging or charging your phone overnight.

We hope you have a better understanding of why your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G’s battery is draining and how to fix it.

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