What is Hangouts and how does it work? Explained

what is hangouts and how does it work

In 2013, to replace Google Talk and Google+ Messenger, Google introduced an app called Hangouts to the world. In this article, we’ll explain what is Hangouts and how does it work?

Google Hangouts is a stand-alone instant messenger app. Since Google developed Hangouts for multiple platforms, It has more than a billion users worldwide.

It came up with pretty basic features but now grown up into one of the biggest communication platforms.

Features [ What is Hangouts and how does it work ]

Do you have an Internet connection? Do you have a Google account with you? Probably your answer would be yes & that’s enough to use Google Hangouts. In simple words, Google Hangouts is an instant messaging tool.

Hangouts allow you to include all people from your Google account and mobile contacts, create a group with up to 150 people, and share data.

More than just a text message to your friend, you can share photos from your mobile or PC gallery, capture and share the image directly from the camera, share voice recording, video files, audio files, GIFs, maps, emoticons, and stickers.

If you ask me, What cannot be shared in Hangouts? My answer is NIL.

If you haven’t yet checked it on Google Play Store then just visit here.

Message your friend

Messaging your friend is as easy as making a pie. Click on the “+” button to start a new conversation with your friend.

what is hangouts and how does it work

You can share voice notes, audio, and video file with a single click.

Simple icons help users for easy understand and enable a friendly user interface.

Best about Hangouts [ What is hangouts and how does it work ]

The best part is, Hangouts offers all these features free of cost and does not charge you a single penny.

You can make a video call and add up to 10 contacts at a time. It brings your family, friends, your people near you and acts as a great tool to reduce the distance when you are connected.

You can make calls through phone numbers anywhere in this world.

You can archive the chats in Gmail, which helps you to search the archived chats easily.

Hangouts provide a space to share your moods, ideas, and plans through the Share your status option.

Wherever you go, you can see Hangouts, you can access your account, you can get connected with your people, and all these services are free to use.

Safety and Privacy in Hangouts

Google Hangouts is considered one of the safest applications in its category. You have full access to the Block option to block the contacts you don’t want to connect with.

All your data are said to be private in Hangouts. It allows only you and the person you converse with to see the conversation and the data. All your messages, videos, calls, and data are claimed to have securely encrypted. So, no one can see or access your data.

If all this information is really true then here your privacy is unbreakable. But wait, we have one more thing to share with you & that could be a concern to hear.

Hangouts do not use end-to-end encryption. Your account and data are private, but still, Google records your data. In some situations, Google could allow access to such sensitive data to the Government if it does encounter any security issues due to any personnel.


Hangouts is a communication software where you can share almost everything with the desired person for free of cost. It is one of the best products of Google, and if you have a Google account, you are all set to use Hangouts.

Hope we helped you to understand what is Hangouts and how does it work.

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