What is AirDroid? See how it helps to manage your phone through PC

In this article, we’ll see what is AirDroid & how you can use it to manage your phone through a PC. Why technology is important in our life, how it would be life without technology, have you ever imagined it? Technology has become a part of our life and is also the main element of survival in this fast-moving world.

As a result, there is an advancement in technology which made everything available at our fingertips, from accessing foods to hospitals everything is online. Advanced technology has made the global organization form and share ideas and resources.

What is AirDroid?

AirDroid is an advanced technology that enables users to access their mobile from desktop remotely or wireless. Which makes users file sharing and communication easier and time-saving. It is available on both PC and Mobile platform.

Features of AirDroid

AirDroid is one of the best software or app available today which makes file sharing, receiving, and replay to messages easily. Also, AirDroid lets users mirror and remotely control through PC or Web. So, what are its key features?

File Transfer

AirDroid supports all kinds of file transfers across all platforms MAC, Windows, Linux, and mobile on the same Wi-Fi network or remotely.

Screen Mirroring

AirDroid lets users screen mirroring to a PC that is on the same Wi-Fi network or remotely which makes interaction easier like streaming of games, etc.

Remote control

AirDroid lets you take full control of your android device. You can do whatever you want like play games text someone, and even you can check the phone status.

Remote camera

This feature gives access to the mobile camera via software from PC you can view both front and back cameras in real-time

SMS and Contact management

You can send and receive messages on a PC remotely & can even manage the messages like you can delete them or block them.

Make Calls

AirDroid lets you call without touching your mobile which makes it easier to communicate and reduces entering the phone number in dialer every time.

Backup and Sync

You can even backup your data to the PC and even sync social platforms to the PC.

Find Phone

If your phone has lost then you can access your phone through a PC and can reset everything or even put a security lock.

That’s all we know about AirDroid. If you’re interested to learn more about this technology then you can find it on Google Play Store Or visit here.

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