Vivo V15 Pro front camera not working? Fix Pop-up Problem

It seems that smartphones with pop-up mechanism selfie cameras are no longer trendy in 2021. There are several reasons for this. If you’re finding solution for Vivo V15 Pro front camera not working issue that is happening with its pop-up, this article may provide a solution.

What steps can I take to fix Vivo V15 Pro front camera not working issue?

During our research, this is a significant issue we found with most of the Vivo V15 Pro owners. It is imperative that the company takes these issues into serious consideration. In the meantime, we have provided some troubleshooting methods that may help to resolve the issue.

Reboot [ Vivo V15 Pro front camera not working ]

When you experience a pop-up camera issue on your Vivo V15 Pro, simply clear all open apps from the recent menu and restart your device. This will clear the RAM and cache, allowing for smooth app performance.

Clear Cache and Data

Access the main menu, go to settings and open the camera settings in App management. Now press on camera in App management & go to storage, and clear cache & data. Open the camera app and verify if the pop-up camera is working or not.

Camera permission

If you are experiencing issues with the pop-up camera on your Vivo V15 Pro smartphone when using certain apps other than the default camera app, we suggest checking the settings. Many apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, require permission to access the camera in order to function properly. Ensure that you have granted all necessary permissions for these apps to access the camera.

Carry out a factory data reset

If the other methods fails, then you can try the factory data reset method.

Navigate to settings > Additional settings > Backup and restore, from backup and restore, select reset system settings and press reset.

We hope the steps outlined above were beneficial in resolving your issue.

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