TV Apps You Should Get If You Are Thinking of Cutting The Cord

TV Apps You Should Get If You Are Thinking of Cutting The Cord

Cable subscription prices are truly through the roof. They are rising higher and higher with each passing day. This has surely contributed significantly to the increase in cord-cutting trends around the country. Sure, some streaming services demand a bit higher fees. However, that subscription still seems more appealing to people than most cable fees. This is why we have decided to walk you through all those TV apps that can provide you the entertainment of cable television while not demanding a hefty amount in return.

We understand that there are still some of you who might like to stay the old-fashioned way. Meanwhile, you may also want to keep the options of streaming apps. Well, not a problem. The good thing is some internet service providers in the United States offer amazing deals and packages where you can either go for the standalone packages or combine a TV subscription with that internet.

Spectrum is one of them. Its internet plans are extremely impressive and fall under everyone’s budget. Not only this but its TV subscription also allows you to enjoy yourself while not having to empty your pockets.

If you are thinking of getting a subscription of either standalone or bundle packages, then simply go to LocalCableDeals, enter your zip code in the bar, and then you will get a list of available Spectrum deals and packages in your area. You can choose one that you find the most cost-effective. In this way, you won’t have to make any compromises whatsoever.

Now that you know your options, we can move forward and talk about all those apps you should definitely check out for legal streaming, without the hassle of cable television.

1. Crackle

Crackle is one of the prominent names in the market of TV applications. It does not only provide free streaming but also the streaming of videos in general. Crackle provides its services without charging you a single dime. This is not the only best part of it. This streaming app provides you with a wide variety of content. You can watch classic TV shows like “Bewitched” as well as some newer names like “Les Norton”.

The app is not only limited to TV shows. You can also put on some of the biggest names of the movie industry on Crackle. Hands down, the library of this free streaming service is absolutely amazing. Aside from the popular names of major studies, Crackle also has some original series. Also, you can use this app on all mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming boxes.

2. Pluto TV  

If you still want to keep in touch with the cable package in your life then Pluto TV is probably the streaming app you should check out. It offers you TV channels of linear content. You can find plenty of classic television along with movies and sports channels. In addition to this, Pluto TV also offers you different streams of niche content.

All those who miss seeing news on the TV can check out their lineup of major network news channels and that too in real-time. Not only this, if you are still a kid at heart, or maybe have a kid at home, then you can also watch one of the most popular series on Nickelodeon such as “Dora the Explorer”. The list is truly endless of their incredible content. You can choose any well-known TV series for a proper binge-watch.

The best part is, that Pluto TV is compatible with almost all the devices such as iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and many more. To add more touch to the cable TV-like experience, you will get advertisements, just like you would while watching content on normal TV.

3. PBS Kids

Who said kids don’t need a streaming service for really good content? The internet has everything stored for everyone. This is what PBS Kids is all about. It is an app that hosts educational and impactful content for young minds. As you would expect, this app is extremely appealing to look at, mainly due to its child-friendly interface and colorful layout. This makes it easy for kids to get a hang of it properly.

If your kid (or even you, no judgments) wants to watch what is currently airing on the local PBS station, then you can simply tap the “Live TV” button and in no time, you will be transported to it.

This app is truly impressive. It lets you take a walk down memory lane with its must-watched kids’ content from our childhood. You can watch “Curious George” or even “Sesame Street”. This sounds like a perfect way to get a taste of nostalgia.

When it comes to PBS Kids’ availability on devices, you would be happy to know that it is supported by all the Android smartphones and tablets. Along with this, if you have iOS devices such as phones and tablets or even the Amazon Kindle, then you can easily use this streaming app.

To Sum Up

With the rapid increase in cable TV prices, the need to look for a more affordable and equally entertaining source of watching your favorite content has also increased. With that being said, you can check out the amazing TV apps mentioned in this article so you can finally cut the cord you have been planning to for so long.