Xiaomi Mi A3 touch screen issue | Try this method to resolve it

Mi A3

We recently reported that some users are facing a touch screen issue after the Android 11 update in their Mi A3. If you’re among those affected users then this article is especially for you. We reached to Xiaomi India for their comment on this topic & their Support Team has suggested below mentioned steps to overcome the same.

Steps to follow if you’re facing Mi A3 touch screen issue

1) Remove the screen protector/Tempered glass, if any.

2) Do not use wet hands.

3) If you are using leather or woolen gloves, remove gloves.

4) Reboot the system in safe mode.

5) Perform Hardware test for Touch Panel by dialing *#*#6484#*#* > Touch panel Edge.

6) If you are unable to draw the line, over any specific area then the issue is with the hardware.

7) If you are able to draw the line, backup the device, and perform the factory reset. It’s recommended to take the data backup and reset the device to eliminate any software glitch by following the steps mentioned below:

A) To take a backup on your Android device

You can create a backup for the following: 

1. App data

2. Call history

3. Contacts

4. Device settings

5. Photos & videos

6. SMS text messages

Please Note: It is not possible to take local backup in Android One.

> Go to Settings > Then click on System > Go to Advanced and tap on Backup, turn it on.

> Now choose the google account in which you want to create the backup.

> Then enter the email address and tap on next.

> Then enter the password and click on I agree.

> Then tap on backup on google drive and accept it, you can also change your backup account.

Note:- Don’t forget to transfer the backup file to a computer/removable storage device before doing a factory reset.

B) To reset your device:

Go to Settings > Tap on System > Tap on Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset).

(This will erase all the data from your phone’s internal storage)

> Reset Phone > Erase everything and it will reset the device. 

C) To restore a backed-up account to a reset device

Note: You can’t restore a backup from a higher Android version onto a device running a lower Android version.

Post reset or if you want to restore data, once you start the device then enable the following settings:  

> Select your language, then tap on start

> Then connect to the network, connect the device via Wi-Fi

> Then it will ask to bring your data backup from

a) A backup from an android phone

b) A backup from the cloud

> Now select your required source, enter your google account in which you have created the backup, and then tap on next.

> Now enter your google account password And tap on I agree.

> Then choose your device, here you can select your device.

> Then tap on restore, now you can easily restore your device data backup.

We hope the above steps are helpful to you. Unfortunately, if you’re still facing a touch screen issue in your Mi A3 then you can visit the nearest authorized service center or wait for the next software update.