Top 10 Must-have Apps for Your Samsung Smartphone

As the world’s top gadget manufacturer, Samsung offers various innovations in each of its smartphone lines through the Galaxy Series. These innovations are available from budget phones to flagship classes. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this cellphone made by a Korean brand is the choice of many Android users.

There are many of the best applications made by Samsung that can be downloaded by all Android users. You can find the recommendations here.

Samsung is perhaps more famous as a smartphone or electronic device manufacturer rather than an app/software maker.

But make no mistake, so far, Samsung has created many applications whose quality is no less competitive than those made by software companies. There are several Samsung applications that are exclusive to Samsung Galaxy users, but not a few applications can be enjoyed by all Android users.

This time we will recommend some of the best Samsung applications that must be downloaded by Android users. Come on, let’s see the list of applications.

Top 10 Must-have Apps for Your Samsung

1 – Samsung Health

Judging from the name, it’s clear that Samsung Health is a fitness application. This application is equipped with the ability to record your exercise, sleep, and calorie intake. Samsung Health is also equipped with various features to help you manage your health better and visualize the progress of your exercise activities.

Before using this application, you can set a fitness target first. After that, you can invite friends to do a fitness challenge together or take part in a global fitness challenge with Samsung Health users around the world.

Interestingly, if you need help getting fit, you can watch videos from well-known fitness experts right in the app. The videos cover topics like weight loss, muscle building, fitness specifically for women, etc.

2 – Samsung Internet

So far, Samsung Internet is still in the ranks of the best Android browsers. This browser has many excellent features, such as Toolbar, Customizable address bar, Privacy Dashboard (preventing websites from tracking your browser history, blocking automatic pop-ups, etc.), Secret Mode (incognito mode), and Video Assistant (default video player). , a replacement for the original video player from a third-party site).

This browser comes automatically on all Samsung Galaxy phones and has been set as the default browser from the start. But if you are not a Samsung Galaxy cellphone user, you can consider Samsung Internet considering the features it has been quite interesting.

To further increase security, you can have additional protection. One way you can do it is by having a VPN, and not just any VPN, but Express VPN. See and start taking a look at ExpressVPN’s review. From there, you can understand it a bit deeper and finally make your decision.

3 – Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings is an all-in-one home automation app that lets you sync, control and monitor all your smart home devices at once. You can use this app to automate lights, change temperature, lock and unlock doors, turn off electrical switches, track power consumption, etc.

4 – Samsung Smart Switch

One of the big problems faced by mobile users is data transfer. Although now there are many applications out there that offer functions to facilitate data transfer, the majority of them are so slow that they cannot be relied upon.

Not only that, people usually experience loss of valuable data while transferring files from an old phone to a new one. This is able to solve all those problems.

5 – Samsung PENUP

Some Samsung phones come with an S Pen installed in the body. This item allows users to create artwork more easily and in detail.

But you don’t just need the S Pen for that purpose. If you have a third-party stylus and want to create some beautiful works of art, Samsung PENUP is worth checking out.

Samsung PENUP is a social media platform that you can use to create and share your art. In this app, you can participate in events, and challenges, view popular artwork, follow your favorite creatives, and interact with other users via comments.

6 – Samsung Mail

Using an Android-based Samsung Galaxy Series smartphone, you must be familiar with the Gmail application. However, if you want an email application that looks more professional and has a variety of features, there’s nothing wrong with trying Samsung Email.

This one email client allows you to manage multiple email accounts, including Gmail, through POP3 and IMAP support.

In addition, Samsung Email also supports Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration to synchronize Exchange Server business emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks.

7 – Samsung Video Library

The default Gallery application on Galaxy Series devices generally mixes photo and video files. It’s not easy to find video files in a folder in Gallery, especially if you often take pictures and record.

So, to make it easier to find video content on your cellphone, just use the Video Library. This application automatically displays only video formats. You can also change the appearance as you wish; it can be in the form of trim, tiles, or thumbnails.

8 – One Hand Operation+

It is undeniable that the screen size of a Samsung smartphone is quite large, which makes it a little difficult to use with one hand. However, you can operate it more freely with one hand through the One Hand Operation + application.

This application offers various functions only through swipe or swipe gestures from the left or right side of the screen. So your fingers will not find it difficult to reach the distant keys. There are many function options that can be adjusted as needed.

9 – Sound Assistant

If you want more control over the audio sector, Sound Assistant is the application that you must have. This app offers a number of audio-related functions which are not present in the default settings of your phone.

10 – Game Plugins

For those of you who like to play games, this application is a must-have on your Galaxy cellphone. Game Plugins offer smartphone performance enhancements and various functions to optimize your gaming experience.

Through this application, you can set performance configurations for each game, limit playing time, to monitor frame rates, CPU usage, GPU, and device temperature. This app is only available in the Galaxy Store.

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