Text messages not sending in Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G)? Do this

An unexpected problem occurred when attempting to send a port request or reminder to a friend who is not presently online on WhatsApp. Android devices have always included text messaging capabilities. Despite the popularity of competing messaging apps like WhatsApp and others, its usage continues to grow. To which the obvious follow-up question, “Why?” Does anyone know why the Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) wouldn’t allow texting? For possible explanations and suggestions for fixing the problem, you might consult the following sources:

1: Restart your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G)

Restarting your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G ) should be your first step. Surprisingly, if your phone is experiencing software or network issues, trying rebooting it should do the trick. When it happens, you can restart without worrying about any negative consequences.

2: Check that the SIM card was inserted properly

Essentially an integrated circuit, the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card gives the Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) access to cellular data networks. You may get a “SIM card not recognised” or “no cellular network” error if the SIM card is not inserted properly. If your phone suddenly stopped operating after you removed the SIM card, it was likely inserted incorrectly.

A SIM ejector tool may be used to easily remove the SIM tray. Simply remove the SIM card and replace it in its slot. After you’re done resetting up your network, make sure it’s working properly by giving it a thorough test.

3: Test Cellular Network [ Text messages not sending in Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) ]

The SIM card is properly installed, and you’ve verified its functionality. The following step is to determine if a cellular network is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G). Texting requires a cellular network connection, which isn’t always available.

Consider how each part of the system affects the others. Retry the communication when you have a stronger signal if the first attempt fails. There shouldn’t be any further problems now, so go ahead and use this.

4: Inspect if your plan has outgoing messages

Take notes on this, it’s important. You have made sure that the SIM card is there, the phone is linked to a cellular network, and the signal strength is at its maximum, but your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) still won’t send messages. In light of the rising demand for mobile services, telecom companies have introduced bundles with more data, increased phone minutes, and other bonuses. Make sure your plan includes the capacity to make outbound calls before committing to it.

As a prepaid client, you can’t send texts until you’ve made the necessary minimum recharge. You should verify this, however texting may be included of your postpaid package. If you reach your account’s limit for outgoing messages, you will be offered to pay for a higher plan.

You should be able to get all the information you need to swiftly address your issue on your carrier’s website, app, or customer support line.

5: Halt the Messages app forcibly

If you are having problems sending texts when using TrueCaller’s Messages app or another software for offline texting, you might try forcefully stopping the programme in question. As far as brainpower goes, this isn’t exactly ground zero:

  • The Messages window may be accessed by clicking and holding the tab for a few seconds.
  • Select “Force Stop” if you need to end the procedure quickly.

6: Wipe off app cache [ Text messages not sending in Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) ]

To conserve data temporarily, Messages on your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) uses cache files, much like other apps. This software may run more slowly until these files are changed. Thus, the situation was salvaged when the app cache was deleted. Here, I’ll show you every little trick in the book.

  • First, touch and hold the Messages icon to access the “App Info” option.
  • Immediately, you need to make your way to the storage area.
  • Just head to “Settings” and tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” to finish up.

Closing Phrases

The widespread use of SMS-based financial services, the growing prevalence of one-time passwords (OTPs) sent through text message, and similar developments make it difficult to imagine a world without SMS. It is, thus, essential that your phone’s text messaging functions function properly; if your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) is having trouble sending messages, try the aforementioned solutions.

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