Text messages not sending in Redmi Note 11 Pro? Do this

If you attempted to send a port request or reminder to a friend who was not online on WhatsApp or another messaging app, but were unsuccessful. Text messaging is a fundamental feature on Android smartphones. Despite the widespread use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, it is something that hasn’t phased out completely. So, what could be the reason? Why your Redmi Note 11 Pro is not sending text messages? Here are some possible explanations and troubleshooting solutions for you to consider:

1: Perform restart on your Redmi Note 11 Pro

In this situation, the initial step to take is to perform a restart on your Redmi Note 11 Pro. This simple action can actually resolve a variety of software and network-related problems, often providing surprising results. Therefore, a brief restart should not cause any harm and is worth trying.

2: Ensure you have inserted the SIM properly

The SIM card in your Redmi Note 11 Pro serves as a small integrated circuit that allows you to easily connect to cellular services. If the SIM card is not properly inserted, you may experience errors such as “SIM card not detected” or lack of cellular network connectivity. If you recently removed your SIM card and are now experiencing issues, it is likely that you inserted it incorrectly, causing it to lose network connection.

Simply use a SIM ejector tool and pop open the SIM tray. Carefully remove the SIM card and make sure to handle it gently. Insert it back and check if the network is restored or not.

3: Check Cellular Network [ Text messages not sending in Redmi Note 11 Pro ]

After verifying that the SIM card is properly inserted and there are no issues with it, it is important to confirm that there is a cellular network available on your Redmi Note 11 Pro. If you are sending a text message, you need a cellular network to send it.

Check the signal strength of your network connection. If it is weak, try to improve it by getting more number of bars. Then, try resending the message. If the issue persists, there may be another problem that needs to be addressed.

During our research on this topic, we discovered that there are certain products that can assist in enhancing the network strength in your home. Did you hear about Signal Booster created by SureCall? Although we haven’t tested yet , it appears that the product is experiencing significant popularity on Amazon, with over 3,300 ratings.

While we are not insisting that you purchase it but if you’re interested then you can give it a try. Anyway, if the issue is not related to the network, you can follow the tips we have provided below.

4: Verify if your plan has outgoing messages

It is crucial to take note that, despite the preliminary examination showing that your SIM card is properly inserted, your cellular network is at full strength, and you are still unable to send text message on your Redmi Note 11 Pro. Some telecom carriers have introduced plans that include higher daily data allowances, additional voice minutes, and other benefits. However, it is possible that these plans do not include the ability to send outgoing messages.

If you are a prepaid customer, you will have to do the said minimum recharge to gain the ability to text. On the other hand, postpaid customers should verify if their plan includes outgoing messages. It is possible that the total outgoing message limit has been exceeded, requiring an additional service to be added

You can find all the information you need on your carrier’s website, app, or by speaking with a customer representative for fast assistance.

5: Force Stop the Messages App

If you are using the Messages app on TrueCaller or any other app for offline messaging but the text messages not sending issue strikes, try force stopping an app. It’s a simple solution.

  • Long-tap on Messages app.
  • Press the “Force Stop” button and it is done.

6: Clear app cache [ Text messages not sending in Redmi Note 11 Pro ]

Similar to other applications, the Messages app on your Redmi Note 11 Pro builds up temporary cache files over time. Even though these files are frequently replaced, they can occasionally lead to performance issues with the app. To resolve this, clearing the app cache can be beneficial. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Firstly, long-press on the Messages app and go to “App Info”.
  • Next, go to Storage.
  • Press “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” and it is done.

Closing Phrases

Ultimately, it is impossible to completely eliminate the use of text messages as they are necessary for receiving OTPs, banking communication, and other important functions. It is crucial to ensure that the text messaging feature on your Redmi Note 11 Pro is functioning properly. In case you encounter an issue with text messages not sending, the above troubleshooting methods can be used to resolve the problem.

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