Text messages not sending in Motorola Edge? Do this

You attempted to message a friend on WhatsApp with a port request or perhaps a reminder but were unsuccessful. Text messaging is one of the primary functions of Android smartphones. This is something that hasn’t completely vanished, despite the fact that WhatsApp and a tonne of other apps have become widely used over time. What reasons might there be? Why can’t your Motorola Edge send text messages? You should take note of the alternative fixes and troubleshooting techniques listed below:

1: Restart your Motorola Edge

Restarting your Motorola Edge would be your first action in this case. It turns out that restarting the phone can fix software and network-related problems more effectively than you might think. Therefore, a little reboot won’t harm anyone.

2: Check if you have inserted the SIM properly

The SIM card in your Motorola Edge is simply an integrated circuit that makes it easy to access cellular services. If it isn’t placed in correctly, you’ll get problems like “SIM card not detected” or “no cellular network,” among others. Your SIM card must have been put wrongly if it doesn’t have a network because it was recently removed, for whatever reason.

Simply use a SIM ejector tool to pop open the SIM tray. After gently removing the SIM card, insert it. Replace it and see if the network has been restored.

3: Check Cellular Network [ Text messages not sending in Motorola Edge ]

You checked to make sure the SIM card wasn’t broken or put in improperly. Checking to verify if your Motorola Edge is linked to a cellular network is the next step. To send a text message, you need a cellular network.

Analyze the robustness of the network. Try to collect a few more bars if it is hanging at the bottom, then send the message once more. This should work right now, assuming nothing else is wrong.

The 3.3K+ ratings on Amazon show that the device is currently highly popular, even if we haven’t tested it yet.

You can try it out if you’re curious; we’re not pressing you to buy it. However, if the issue isn’t with the network, you can continue with the advice provided below.

4: Verify if your plan has outgoing messages

It is important to remember this. According to the results of the initial inquiry, even if the SIM card was properly inserted and the cellular network was functioning at full capacity, your Motorola Edge is still unable to send text messages. Plans featuring more phone minutes, daily internet allowances, and other features have been introduced by telecom carriers. However, some plans don’t have outgoing messages.

To send an SMS if you have prepaid service, you must finish the required minimum recharge. Check your plan to check if outgoing messages are included if you use postpaid service. It’s possible that you’ve used up all of your allowed outgoing messages, in which case you’d need an add-on.

All the details you require for a quick fix should be available on your carrier’s website, app, or customer support line.

5: Force Stop the Messages App

If you are experiencing problems with text messages not sending when using TrueCaller’s Messages app or another programme for offline messaging, think about forcibly terminating the problematic programme. Neither is this complicated science.

  • On the Messages app, long-tap.
  • To finish, simply press the “Force Stop” button.

6: Clear app cache [ Text messages not sending in Motorola Edge ]

Like any other piece of software, the Messages app on your Motorola Edge generates temporary cache files. Even when these files are changed, the software may occasionally have performance issues. Therefore, clearing the app’s cache can be useful. Here’s how you approach it.

  • Long-press the Messages app and choose “App Info” as your first step.
  • Then, proceed to Storage.
  • Once you’re done, click “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.”

Closing Phrases

In the end, you cannot completely phase out text messages because banks require text messaging, you receive OTPs by text, and more. These are some of the troubleshooting techniques you can apply if you are having problems with text messages not sending on your Motorola Edge, first make sure that text messaging on your phone is functional.

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