Text messages not sending in LG Stylo 5? Do this

You attempted to send a port request or possibly a reminder to a friend over WhatsApp who is not now online but were unsuccessful. Even after the emergence of WhatsApp and a plethora of other apps over the years, text messaging remains a fundamental component of Android smartphones. What then might be the cause? Why won’t your LG Stylo 5 send text messages? You should take a look at the following potential solutions and troubleshooting techniques:

1: Restart your LG Stylo 5

Restarting your LG Stylo 5 would be the first action you would do in this circumstance. Unexpectedly, rebooting the phone can work wonders in resolving software and network-related difficulties. So it won’t harm anyone to reboot briefly.

2: Check if you have inserted the SIM properly

In essence, a SIM card in your LG Stylo 5 is an integrated circuit that enables simple access to cellular services. If it isn’t correctly inserted, you’ll notice messages like “SIM card not detected” or “no cellular network,” among others. If you recently removed your SIM card for any reason, it is likely that you inserted it incorrectly and that is why it lacks a network.

Simply pop up the SIM tray using a SIM ejector tool, take out the SIM card, and reinstall it carefully. Re-insert it to see if the network has been restored.

3: Check Cellular Network [ Text messages not sending in LG Stylo 5 ]

You made sure the SIM card was correctly inserted and that there was no problem with it. The LG Stylo 5’s connectivity to a cellular network must then be confirmed. An active cellular network is required to send a text message.

If the network signal is weak or hanging at the bottom, check the signal strength and attempt to transmit the message again. If nothing else, this ought to work right now.

Our team discovered that there are several products that can aid to strengthen the network in your home during our investigation on the subject. Did you hear about Signal Booster created by SureCall? Although we haven’t tested it yet, the product appears to be fairly well-liked right now on Amazon with over 3.3K ratings.

Although we’re not pressuring you to buy anything, you are welcome to sample it if you’re curious. If the network isn’t the issue, you can still use the advice we’ve provided below.

4: Verify if your plan has outgoing messages

It’s crucial to remember this. According to the initial investigation, your LG Stylo 5’s cellular network is active and functioning at its maximum strength, and yet you are unable to send a text message. Telecom companies have launched plans with increased daily data allowances, voice minutes, and other features. Nevertheless, certain plans lack outgoing messages.

To text if you have prepaid service, you must perform the aforementioned minimum recharge. Verify whether your plan includes outgoing messages if you are a postpaid subscriber. You might have exceeded your allotted outgoing message capacity, in which case you would want an add-on.

You should be able to find all the information on your carrier’s website or app, or you may call their customer service line for prompt assistance.

5: Force Stop the Messages App

If the text message not transmitting problem occurs while you are using TrueCaller’s Messages app or any other software for offline messaging, consider forcibly closing the app. Nothing complicated about this needs to be done:

  • On the Messages app, long-tap.
  • To finish, simply press the “Force Stop” button.

6: Clear app cache [ Text messages not sending in LG Stylo 5 ]

The Messages app on your LG Stylo 5 creates temporary cache files just like any other software. The app’s performance may occasionally suffer despite the fact that these files are replaced. Therefore, wiping the app cache can come in handy. How to accomplish it is shown below.

  • Start by long-pressing the Messages app and selecting “App Info.”
  • Visit Storage next.
  • To finish, click “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.”

Closing Phrases

The fact that banks demand text messaging, you receive OTPs by text, and other factors mean that you cannot completely phase out text communications. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that text messaging on your phone functions, and these were some of the troubleshooting techniques you can use if your LG Stylo 5 is having problems sending text messages.

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