Stock Android vs Android One | What is the difference?

Users often say Stock Android provides an overall better user experience as compared to smartphones with customized Android OS, right? Well, both have their own advantages & disadvantages. What we’re going to discuss today is the difference between Stock Android & Android One (Stock Android vs Android One).

When it comes to smartphone, the first Operating System comes into our mind is the Android. Because it is one of the most successful and popular software available in the market.

But, some of us are still not very clear about what is the difference between Stock Android and Android One (Stock Android vs Android One)

If you have the same doubt, you are in the right place. We are here to help you to clearly understand the same.

Stock Android [ Stock Android vs Android One ]

Stock Android is the minimalistic design Operating System developed by Google, and it is the basic edition of Android. With a simple Operating System, no pre-installed software, simple user interface, no wonder people call it “Pure Android”. 

It remains untouched by smartphone manufacturers. As we earlier said, like many other users, experts also believe that Stock Android provides the best possible experience to the users.

Difference between customized Android and Stock Android

Since Android is open-source, OEM aka Original Equipment Manufacturer (in short companies who manufacture their own devices in their own factories) has the freedom to customize the UI skin of Android.

For example, MIUI of Xiaomi and POCO, One UI of Samsung mobiles, OxygenOS of Oneplus, OriginOS & FuntouchOS of Vivo mobile, and ColorOS of Oppo smartphones comes with various pre-installed apps, customized skin, different UI which are modified by their related OEM.

But, in terms of Stock Android, Google keeps it as minimalistic OS and as simple as possible.

Advantages of Stock Android

The main advantage of having a Stock Android smartphone is such devices are capable to get quick software updates and security patch updates on a timely basis

Next, you will have complete control of the applications. No bloatware from manufacturers, so you can install your desired applications when you actually need them. It helps to reduce the chance of app duplication.

If you have lesser apps, no unwanted bloatware in your device, guess what? With reduced storage usage by apps and lesser battery power consumption, your device’s operating speed will be quick, and performance will not get affected over a period of time.


One of the primary disadvantages of Stock Android is, there can be a situation in which you need to purchase an app, which is not available in Stock Android but will be availed for customised Android (provided by OEM).

What is Android One? [ Stock Android vs Android One ]

In simple words, Android One is Google’s project originally initiated in the year 2014, targeting the Indian Market. At first, the main purpose of this project was to bring Android smartphones at affordable prices. In this project, in partnership with mobile phone OEM manufacturers, OEMs manufactures only the hardware of the device.

Features of Android One

Google provide android mobiles at a very affordable cost with Stock Android OS. Without any preloaded other apps, different skins.

Google takes control of the software with limited essential Google apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Google Duo and built-in Google Play Protect.

Unfortunately, it is not much successful & now what we can see is smartphones with Stock Android are available in different price segments other than just budget ones. In fact, entry-level smartphones are now replaced by Android Go instead of Stock Android.


Android One smartphone provides a very stable OS. It carries all the advantages of Stock Android.

Sofware updates come sooner than other devices since they are being taken care of by Google, so the users do not want to wait for the manufacturer’s update.

Smartphones with Android One come from well-known brands like Nokia, Motorola & Xiaomi.

We hope we helped you to get to know about the difference between Stock Android and Android One (Stock Android vs Android One).

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