Sony Xperia 5 Overheating? Check scenarios & possible solutions

In this article, you’ll learn about some possible solutions to fix overheating issue of your Sony Xperia 5. We have also discussed some most common scenarios where you may experience such problems. So, let’s begin:

Sony Xperia 5 Overheating Scenarios & Possible Solutions

1. While Charging

While charging your Sony Xperia 5, the device and the charger could become hot. During fast charging your phone may feel hotter to the touch. This doesn’t affect the phone’s overall lifespan or performance and is in the normal range of operation.

If your phone’s battery becomes too hot, the charging speed may decrease or the charger may stop charging.


  • Disconnect the charger from your Sony Xperia 5 and close all apps which are running in the background. Now, wait for the device to cool down (for few seconds) and then re-connect the device again.
  • If your phone’s lower part is overheating, it could be because the connected USB cable is damaged. In this situation. we suggest you replace the damaged USB cable with a new one (avoid purchasing such important accessories from cheap brands & always go with the original products).

2. While Normal Usage [ Sony Xperia 5 Overheating ]

Before moving on to solutions, here we have discussed some possible scenarios where your Sony Xperia 5 may experience overheating issues which includes:

  • If you have just purchased a brand new phone & trying to set it up Or your data is restoring.
  • You’re downloading huge files which requires extra power as well as internet data
  • You’re using select Apps or features that require more power (or you use them for a longer period of time), your phone could overheat because the battery consumption has increased. For example: While gaming, recording/streaming videos in High-Definition modes, etc.

In addition to the above, there are many more situations where you may experience overheating problems. No worries, to save your time we’ll jump to some possible solutions.

Solutions [ Sony Xperia 5 Overheating ]

Restart your phone

Sometimes, a clash between running apps results in device overheating issues. In this situation, your problem could be solved if you restart your phone. What you have to do is, Just press & hold your phone’s power button (for 2-3 seconds) until you see some menu options. From available options (Power off, screenshots, etc) click on the “Restart” Or “Reboot” option & that’s it.

What if your device still overheats even after performing a restart? We hope this situation will never arrive but if unfortunately, it happens then you can follow our below mentioned remaining solutions:

Deactivate select features

Yes, always deactivate select features like GPS, Bluetooth, mobile data & Wi-Fi when you’re not using them. If such features are continuously in an enabled mode then there is no doubt that your phone will need extra power to maintain them. In such situations, your device may overheat until you deactivate those features.

Close background Apps

If you’re someone who always keeps several battery-consuming apps running in the background & never closes any of them then this is definitely not a good habit for your phone’s health. Just use them when you need them. If you find some apps which you’re no longer using for months then it would be better to uninstall them.

Check for System update

We suggest you keep your Sony Xperia 5 always up-to-date with the latest software update. To check for system update, Open Settings > System update (aka Software Update) > Check for the software update.

If a new update is available then you can download it over a mobile data/Wi-Fi connection (depending on its total size). After installing such a software update it could fix some existing bugs Or any other issues which are causing overheating issues.

If unfortunately your problem is still not resolved then our suggestion is to visit the nearest Authorized Service Center. Maybe you have a faulty unit with some hardware/software issues but no need to worry if your phone is in the warranty period.

We hope that now you understand why your Sony Xperia 5 is overheating & what you can do to troubleshoot such issues.

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