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POCO X3 (Back)

In this article, we’ll try to give you a fix for POCO X3 Back Panel Vibration Issue? Last year we have seen POCO proudly launched its new smartphone POCO X3 as the “Best Gaming Budget Phone” in India. We generally never discuss much regarding specs of the device but just to mention this budget handset comes with high performing processor, 6000 mah battery, quad camera, and dual stereo speakers.

Everything looks good (at least on paper) but because of the vibration issue on the back panel of POCO X3, it looks like several users are not happy with the POCO India team & asking for a working solution for the same on social media.

The issue is happening while having some calls, playing audio and video files mostly gaming. Due to this, POCO X3 mobile users have started labeling the device as a Defective product.

But, it is not a bug!! It can be easily solved by yourself without any pro help.


The two prime reasons for POCO X3 back panel vibration are

Mobile weight (225 gm) and guess what!!! POCO X3 mobile’s proud Dual Stereo Speakers.

Wait!! What?? Mobile weight?? Are you serious??

Yes!! (Most of our readers are youngsters but obviously, we’re not here to give you a physics lecture).

Of course, we cannot cut down the mobile weight. But by changing a small setting in your POCO X3 mobile, you can completely resolve this back panel vibration issue.

The idea of dual stereo speakers of POCO X3 mobile is good, but their speaker positioning backfired.


Here’s a solution you can try:

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Scroll down and enable Mono Audio.

Next, pull the Audio balance slider to the extreme Right.

BOOM!!! Your POCO X3 vibration issue should have finally found a fix.


If you connect earphones in POCO X3 with the same settings, you will not hear the audio on the left side.

To avoid this, while using earphones visit:

Settings → Accessibility → disable Mono Audio.

Keep the Audio balance slider in the middle of Left & Right.

Hope we helped you to find a working fix for your POCO X3 back panel vibration issue.

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