Samsung Tablet charging slowly issues? Check reasons & solutions

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Having a good smart device like Samsung Tablet has become a necessity rather than a luxury in the past few years. Over everything, the battery capacity is the most sought-after feature on smartphones. A lower capacity in battery or a Tablet charging slowly complaint makes a device less popular among the users today. In this article, we’re going to discuss the slowly charging issues of your Samsung Tablet.

How do I make my Samsung Tablet charge faster?

This is one of the most common queries asked in most online Tablet forums. With the Tablet always needed to be live in our hands, a fast dying device is a big deal-breaker.

Understanding this most of the companies have come up with new technologies ensuring the devices are charged quickly and effectively. However, even with such technologies in hand the cases of Tablet charging slowly are still common.

Reasons and solutions for Samsung Tablet charging slowly

We can’t specifically point out a single cause if you are facing a slowly charging issue in your Samsung Tablet. The reason for this differs from case to case and there is no single solution for it either.

The only way to tackle this issue is to find out the exact reason for your device charging slowly than usual. So, to help you with it we have listed the most common causes of slow charging in Tablet.

1. No fast charging facility available [ Samsung Tablet charging slowly ]

We should always start with the basics whenever we face any kind of issue. The fast charging ability in tablet has been there for a few years now. But with the budget market still growing, there are few models that still not house this feature.

So if you think your Samsung Tablet is not charging faster than you expected, check if it supports fast charging. However, if you are facing the issue in an older device that used to work fine you can ignore this check.

2. Issues with the charging cable

The answer to the question, how do I make my Samsung Tablet charge faster might not always to do some changes in the device. In many of the slow tablet charging issue cases, the problem was more on the charging cable than on the tablet.

Even in the case of cable, there can be a variety of reasons why you are facing the problem like:

Broken cable:- Even the original cables providing in the packing is known to have a certain breaking point. You should always look for any kind of visual problems in the cable if you are facing a slowly charging issue in your Samsung Tablet. If the cable is damaged, it is recommended that you change it immediately.

Cable not supported:- Another common problem with the cable comes up when it is not supported by your Samsung Tablet. Many users tend to use duplicate cables or cables from other brands to charge their Tablet. In some cases, these cables might not work perfectly as the one which is originally provided for it. It is always recommended to use the original cables supplied by the Tablet company.

Cable not fitting:- The charger which falling off the port is a commonly seen thing these days. This might happen in the case of original cables after a long time of usage. This is because of the damage that must have caused by the charger plug. In this case, we might not see any kind of damage visually but in reality, the cable is indeed damaged.

So, if you are finding your Samsung Tablet charging cable not fitting properly anymore it is better to change it as soon as possible.

3. Issues with the charging adapter

After the cable, the next thing which might cause you a slow charging issue in your Samsung Tablet is the adapter itself. Similar to that of the charging cable the adapter might also run into problems at times.

We might not understand the problem by looking at the visually but if the cable has no issue, the next thing to check is the adapter itself. The best way to find this out is simply by trying different adapters.

If a different one is working fine then it’s best to replace the old one with a new one. It is always better to purchase the original supported adapter from the official brand itself.

4. Issues with the power source

The power source is something not many considered as a culprit when it comes to Samsung Tablet slowly charging issues. However, if you have a perfectly working charger, the power source might be causing some issues stopping your device from charging faster as it should be.

The amount of output given out by the source of power differs greatly. You cannot expect the USB port in your laptop to charge your device faster like how a wall socket does.

In some cases, wireless chargers are known to charge the Tablet quicker than even the wall socket charger. So the power source actually plays a big role in the charging mechanism.

The difference in outputs can also cause in the case of two different wall sockets. Voltage fluctuations or any damage in the wiring can also trigger such issues. So try charging your Samsung Tablet by plugging it into a different socket just to be sure.

5. Damaged charging port [ Samsung Tablet slowly charging issues ]

So, we have so far seen answers external to the Tablet for the question: why is my Samsung Tablet charging slowly and dying fas? In the majority of cases changing the charger or the source of charging can help you get rid of the slow Tablet charging issue.

However, this doesn’t completely mean that there will be no issues within the device that might be causing the problem. The most common hardware problem affecting the time it took for the device to finish charging is with the charging port itself.

The charging port is a small delicate thing in most devices. So it is important to handle it carefully to get the maximum life possible. But, users tend to harshly plugin chargers in many cases and each time this is done it might cause damages inside the port.

So if you think the charger and power source is working fine, it is better to have it looked at by a technical expert. It is not recommended to do the repair yourself or at any unauthorized service centers. Always get the help of officially recognized service centers to get your device repaired.

Other than normal damage there is a chance of dirt accumulation affecting the proper working too. In this case, cleaning the charging port of your Samsung Tablet might work for you.

However, as the area is delicate it is advised to be extra careful when you clean it. There is a chance of damaging the port during cleaning so try doing it with some expert help too.

6. Aged or damaged battery

Another major hardware issue that will lead to Samsung Tablet slowly charging issue is the battery itself. If your battery is charging slowly or dying fast there is a possibility that your battery has damaged. There can be many reasons why your battery is not performing very well as before.

It includes:

Aged battery:- Your Tablet is never meant to work forever, this is more true when it comes to your battery. Although most devices won’t let you know about it, your battery health is lowering continuously as you use it. So the age of the battery can greatly affect its performance too.

The time it takes for this from happens greatly differs between each individual user. It is completely based on the way you use and charge your Samsung Tablet. The best solution for it is to take your device to a licensed service center to get it changed. With most devices having an inbuilt battery avoid doing the repair by yourself as you can end up damaging the Tablet.

Damaged battery:- Getting your battery damaged is not as rare as all thinks. There are many cases of damaged batteries coming up due to a variety of reasons. This included everything from the tablet falling down to stairs to the old school water damage.

In all such cases, it can lead to a slow charging issue or even worse. So, get it officially changes with the original battery replacement to get the old performance back.

7. Background apps resulting in slow charging

If you are worried about your Samsung Tablet slowly charging issues, it might also be because of the apps in the device. The Android Operating System is known to be highly customizable because of the abundance in the availability of apps.

There are apps available for a variety of reasons, and with a lot of storage space, available users are known to download a lot of them even if they don’t use them often. However, these apps take up more than just storage space but also affect the battery life of the device.

So, if you have many apps continuously running in the background this will drain your battery fast and you will have no clue what’s happening. And if the same thing happens during charging of the device it might also lead to Tablet charging slowly. So, if you are confused about why my Samsung Tablet is charging slowly and dying fast, this probably will be the reason behind it.

The best solution for it is to keep track of the apps running continuously in the background. There are plenty of task manager apps that can help you in monitoring this. Once you find out which apps are taking up the background time a lot try deleting these apps to solve the issue.

8. Higher screen time

The more your Samsung Tablet is open, the higher it takes to get it charged. So, if you are someone who keeps using your Tablet even when plugged in, you are the reason why you are facing a slowly charging issue. Always keep the screen off to get it charged quickly.

We hope you got the answers to, “Why won’t my Samsung Tablet charge faster” & similar queries.

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