Samsung S20 FE Overheating? Here are some tips to keep it cool

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, you might well have wondered: Why is my phone overheating? This isn’t typically the case with a recently bought smartphone (especially a flagship), but it is common with older handsets.

There are different reasons of such issues. Overuse of applications, applications running on the background, software problems, or continued exposure to bright sunlight (okay we can ignore this one).

It is normal for your smartphone to warm up slightly because it is an electrical device that needs a charge to function. If this is heating up more quickly than normal, you should think about repairing it.

What Should I Do If My Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Is Overheating?

Here are some suggestions (not a solution) for dealing with this issue:

Charging time [ Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Overheating ]

Your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE shouldn’t be overcharged. Such items may cause overheating and affect the actual quality of your phone’s battery. Keep your phone charging on a cold, flat surface.

Lower the brightness

Never use the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at full brightness because it will heat. If you’re outside and need to boost the intensity of your phone, go to a dark room where you can clearly see your phone’s screen or get a generally pro screen protector.

Close unused apps

Close applications you use seldom; leaving these programmes in the background causes your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE to heat and waste power. Furthermore, such programmes use memory space, slowing down your device.

Take a rest while gaming [Samsung Galaxy S20 FE overheating]

Every smartphone user (especially children) around the world enjoys games. Nevertheless, playing them for a long period of time is not good for the temperature of your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Playing games for an extended period of time takes more battery power and requires more memory to function, which a smartphone can manage for a limited time.

However, if you play games for a prolonged period of time, your phone may begin to heat up and its battery life would be lowered. So, if you’ve been playing for a long time, take a little rest.

Here are some thoughts to help you in resolving your issue The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has become overheated. Above all, keep your phone current with the most recent system software and apps.

You should also examine your charging wire or converter because a faulty charger can often create similar issues.

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