Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G screen flickering? Here’s what to do

Your phone is far more powerful than you realize, yet despite this, it frequently has bothersome problems like the screen flickering issue with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. The weird glitching of the display when it changes brightness levels are referred to as flickering.

It’s possible that the issue is hardware- or software-related. Here are some potential solutions you can use to resolve your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G’s screen flickering issues:

1: Reboot

Rebooting your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G will, as usual, solve a lot of software-related problems. What does it do? It simply terminates active and inactive processes and apps and reallocates any resources the phone has guzzled up. There are many free resources available, so the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G’s screen flickering problem might be avoided.

2: Disable Auto-brightness

Auto-brightness is sometimes mistaken for a screen flickering problem even though the former requires ambient light to balance out the brightness levels. Try turning off auto-brightness if you haven’t already since it might be the root of the display problem. The steps are listed below.

  • Open Settings >> Display.
  • Go to Adaptive Brightness and turn it off.
  • As an alternative, you can disable it by tapping on the sun-shaped icon with the letter “A” on it that is located on the notification panel’s far right side (if it is enabled).

3: Update the Software [ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G screen flickering ]

Wait until your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G starts acting strangely while performing specific tasks if you don’t think updating the firmware is worthwhile. The bug that causes screen flickering problems is one of several that outdated software can introduce. To upgrade to a newer firmware or downgrade to a stable firmware version, however, are your two choices. Go to Settings >> System >> Software Updates to check for updates.

4: Update all the Apps

Check to see whether all of the apps on your phone have the most recent firmware if you are experiencing screen flickering or any other technical issues with your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

  • Go to the Manage apps and devices or My Apps and Games sections of the Google Play Store.
  • View the next upgrades. You may now choose which apps to update one at a time or choose “Update All.” so that all app updates happen simultaneously.

5: Disable Hardware Overlays [ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G screen flickering ]

Your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G renders graphics using either the CPU or GPU, depending on the task at hand. Everything works according to plan, but when a phone ages or is damaged, it may experience problems with screen compositing, which is when layers of constantly updated content on the screen start to experience slight delays. Developer settings can be used to disable this because it causes flickering problems. How to accomplish it is shown below.

  • Firstly, open Settings >> About Phone.
  • The message “You are now a developer” will appear once you click the Build icon seven times in the following step.
  • Go back to Settings, select System, Developer Options, and then turn off Hardware Overlays.

6: Check the Charging Cable

Not all screen flickering problems fall under this category. However, some customers might discover that the display occasionally flickers or even freezes whenever they plug their charger into the phone to recharge the battery. You must get rid of any charging bricks or cords that are unapproved or incompatible if this is the case. Purchase a charging cord and charger from registered retailers.

Take the same charger/cable from a friend or someone you know and plug it in to see if the cable or the brick is at fault. There is a problem with your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G if the screen flickers. But if it doesn’t, the problem is with your old charger or cord.

7: Check out the issue in Safe Mode

Another bootable partition on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is Safe Mode. This removes all external apps, enabling you to improve system performance and more. If your phone flickers in safe mode, the hardware in your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is probably to blame. Here’s how to enter safe mode during bootup.

  • For a short while, keep the power button pushed.
  • To enter safe mode, you will see a button with the text “power off” on it.
  • After determining whether the phone flickers in this mode or not, choose Restart to restart in regular mode.

8: Try Factory Reset [ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone screen flickering ]

This is a drastic measure because you will erase every piece of data on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. Before continuing, you will need to make a backup. To conduct a factory reset, follow these steps.

  • First of all, open Settings >> System >> Reset Options.
  • Then click on “Erase all data (factory reset) >> Reset all data”. Enter the password requested by the system, and you’re done.
  • There is another approach, but it necessitates entering Recovery Mode. Factory reset/wipe data >> Yes, remove every user’s info, and you’re done.

9: Take it to a Authorized Service Center

After everything has been tried and nothing has helped, there may be a hardware problem. A technician must handle this unless you wish to experiment on your own (which we don’t advise). It is preferable to go to an authorized centre if your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is still under warranty. Otherwise, taking the phone to a nearby service centre will eventually void the warranty.


Software bugs, water damage, physical damage, and charging cord problems are all possible causes of screen flickering. So these approaches should aid in resolving the problem. If not, you can completely avoid it with the ninth method.

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