Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro unresponsive touch screen? Do this to fix it

When your smartphone’s touch doesn’t work properly, it can be extremely inconvenient. We’ll look at some possible solutions to your problem in this article: How to Repair a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro’s Unresponsive Touch Screen.

Have you ever thought about what causes such a problem? Yes, most likely. The majority of the time, this is due to physical damage to the display of your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

However, this is not the only reason; such issues can also occur in your phone as a result of a recent software update (included with some bugs or glitches, which make the touch screen not work properly).

Here are some possible solutions:

Reboot your phone

This is the most common method for repairing a faulty touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. Yes, restarting your phone removes all background processes and frees up memory.

This procedure also ensures that the apps run as smoothly as possible. Restarting your phone may help. This should solve your problem.

Is it still not resolved? Don’t be concerned. You can also try the following alternatives:

Boot into safe mode

Safe mode returns your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro to its initial state. Safe mode disables all third-party applications on your Android device for a limited time.

Simply restarting your phone will return it to its original state. Do you want to put your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro in safe mode? What you must do is this:

Keep the Power Button depressed > There will be a menu appear > Hold down the power off icon for 3 to 4 seconds > The message “Reboot to safe mode” will appear > Select OK.

That is all there is to it. You’ve entered safe mode. Examine whether or not your touch screen works properly in safe mode.

If it is functioning normally, the problem is caused by some third-party apps that you recently installed on your phone. We recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Play Store applications.

Test your Display

Yes, you can use Google Play Store apps to test your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro display.

[How to Fix Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Unresponsive Touch Screen] Factory Reset

You may have used this method to resolve other phone-related issues in the past. Using this method, all data on your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro will be erased, and your phone will function as if it were brand new (PS: Do not expect the same performance).

When you factory reset your phone, all data stored by third-party apps, as well as some device settings changed by such apps, are restored to default.

Keep in mind that if you use this method, all data on your device will be permanently erased. Make a backup of your critical files.

To perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, follow the steps below:

Choose Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options. Remove all data (factory reset) Choose “Reset Phone.”

In addition, at the end of this process, you may be asked to enter your password, and that’s it. Your phone’s touch screen should be operational after performing a factory reset.

We hope you now understand how to repair the unresponsive touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

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