Samsung Galaxy S20 lagging? Try this to fix it

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Even a Zen Master will get detested if the smartphone starts lagging while performing a task. This article will help you to complete your tasks smoothly by resolving the lagging issues of your Samsung Galaxy S20. Also, improve your device performance as well as your peace of mind.

Starting with SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE step [ Samsung Galaxy S20 lagging issues ]

Check for software update on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Go to Settings → About Phone → Software Version → Check for an update.

If you find any, update your device.


That’s it? NO...

Have you reviewed your storage files?? If not, Do it now

You can easily find several unnecessary storage files, duplicate files, and cache memories happily spoiling the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone which is causing lagging issues.

Select the documents that can be moved to your cloud account and delete the rest of the unwanted files.

Time for Apps & Widgets [ Samsung Galaxy S20 lagging issues ]

There are apps that are unused, outdated, preinstalled in your Galaxy S20, age-old widgets that are resulting in free lagging the device.

Update those outdated apps and kick out unwelcomed apps & disable the apps which are unable to uninstall.

You can find apps running in the background without your knowledge that are directly affecting your device performance.

Review the apps and Restrict background data and complete your task without any lagging.

To prevent S20 from lagging issues, we are strongly recommending you not to install any battery-saving and optimizing apps. Be aware of the apps you are installing; don’t install any third-party apps. Also, avoid filling up your home screen with duplicate apps.

Once done, let’s move to Lite version apps

It is recommended to shift your eyes towards Lite version apps for Samsung Galaxy S20, which helps your mobile by optimizing memory well with available storage and prevent you from getting frustrated because of lagging issues.

Get Ready. You’re becoming a Developer

By tapping your mobile version seven times, you can enable the developer options on your device.

Go to Settings → About Phone → Software version → Tap 7 times

After becoming a developer,

Go to Setting → Developer Option → Increase the Windows Animation Scale

Increase 0.5 from the present scale value.


Still, Samsung Galaxy S20 is lagging?

Finally!!! Take a deep breath…

Back up the data and perform Device Factory Reset.

Go to Settings → System → Reset → Erase all data.

Hope we helped you to resolve your issues.

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