Samsung Galaxy S10e Battery Drain Issue? Check reasons & solutions

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S10e user, grappling with battery drain issue your phone. No worries, this article is dedicated to fix such issues on your own. Are you ready to learn and apply our tricks? Let’s take a look at the best tips and tricks in-order to fix that!


There are a few possible reasons for this issue:

1. Phone Overuse

Few people use their mobiles a lot for many purposes, like making prolonged calls, clicking photos and shooting videos continuously, and accessing social media applications. Over time these are the few reasons which cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly & this is quite normal.

2. Using Old Phone [ Samsung Galaxy S10e Battery Drain Issue ]

Using an outdated mobile phone could cause heavy battery die, so it is always good to switch your mobile phone every 5 years. But as we know that Samsung Galaxy S10e isn’t that old device, you can disregard this reason & move forward to other possible reasons.

3. Using Phone while Charging

Oh man! This is a crucial issue, few people talk over the phone while charging. It causes overheat of battery and also reduces the speed of your phone’s performance.

Now, let’s jump to solutions:



1. Check Battery usage [ Samsung Galaxy S10e Battery Drain Issue ]

To perform this, go to your phone’s settings -> select “battery” -> go to battery usage option-> choose the option “Show full device usage”.

Here you can see the number of applications that are killing your phone’s battery along with active and background time duration. Now, you can restrict such applications and even uninstall certain ones that you aren’t using anymore.

2. Switch off the “Auto Brightness” option

You can disable this option from the display settings of your Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone. When this feature is enabled your phone will adjust brightness automatically based on available lighting conditions which consume extra battery.

3. Turn off Non-essential Notifications

We know that every application automatically sends various notifications (like app updates, and downloads). If you find some notifications are less important, then you can turn them off.

Go to app settings -> click on “Apps” and then uncheck the box “Show Notification” app option.

4. Try to disable the Data Connections manually

If you have always enabled data connections like Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, or Bluetooth, they will consume your phone’s battery much faster. To avoid that, just enable such key features when you needed the most otherwise disable them.

5. Shorten the sleep or screen settings

This is a vital tip, shorten the screen or sleep settings determine how long your phone screen is “ ON” then try to shorten the screen setting if you are not using it.

6. Check for Software glitches [ Samsung Galaxy S10e Battery Drain Issue ]

If you have tried all above steps & still facing the battery drain problem then there might be a software glitch problem. To do this, just reboot your Samsung Galaxy S10e phone and check with all the latest software updates.

7. Keep your phone’s Battery healthy

You might have heard before that keeping your phone overnight for charging could result in a huge explosion, right? Actually this is wrong. It’s just a myth but still we suggest you to avoid keeping your phone on charging for too long.

It’s always important to protect the battery in daily usage, the best way to keep your phone’s battery healthy is, try to avoid heavy charging or overnight charging.

We hope, now you understood why you’re facing battery drain issue in your Samsung Galaxy S10e & how to fix it.

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