Samsung Galaxy A52 Overheating? Here are some tips to keep it cool

Samsung Galaxy A52 users might have asked themselves: why is my phone overheating? This issue is common with older devices, but rare in newly purchased, particularly flagship, smartphones.

There are various causes of such issues, such as excessive usage of Apps, background running apps, software malfunctions, or in some cases, prolonged exposure of the device to direct sunlight (which we can disregard).

Since your smartphone is an electronic device that needs to be charged to function, it is normal for it to get slightly warm. However, if it’s heating up more than usual, it’s advisable to take steps to resolve the issue.

What to do When My Samsung Galaxy A52 is Overheating?

Here are some suggestions (not the fix) to minimize this issue:

Charging time [ Samsung Galaxy A52 Overheating ]

It’s crucial to prevent overcharging your Samsung Galaxy A52. As it can result in overheating issues and impact the battery’s performance. It is advisable to place your phone on a flat and cool surface while charging.

Lower the brightness

Avoid cranking up the brightness on your Samsung Galaxy A52, as this causes the phone to overheat. If you’re in a brightly lit outdoor environment and need to increase the brightness, seek a shadier location or invest in an anti-glare screen protector.

Close unused apps

It is recommended to close any apps that are not frequently used, as leaving them running in the background can cause your Samsung Galaxy A52 to overheat and drain its battery. Furthermore, these inactive apps also consume valuable memory space, slowing down your device’s performance.

Take a break while Gaming [ Samsung Galaxy A52 overheating ]

Every smartphone user, particularly the young generation, around the globe enjoys playing games. However, prolonged gaming sessions can have an adverse impact on the temperature of your Samsung Galaxy A52.

Spending extended periods playing games will result in a faster depletion of battery life and an increased demand for memory, which can be accommodated by a smartphone for a limited time.

However, prolonged gaming sessions can cause your phone to heat up and drain its battery life. It is recommended to take a break from gaming every once in a while to avoid these issues.

These are some tips to resolve your query: Samsung Galaxy A52 overheating issue. It is also important to keep your phone up-to-date with the latest software and app updates.

It’s also possible that a faulty charging cable or adapter is the reason for these problems, so checking those may be useful.

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