Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) won’t connect to PC? Just do this

When you connect your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to the PC to transfer a file or any media, you see it is not connecting. It feels devastating, and you are stuck with data transfer. Why does your PC not recognize your phone? Let’s find out why that might be and how to fix it.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) Won’t Connect To PC?

1: Connect Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to the PC as MTP

The Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) will start charging automatically when you connect it to a PC by default. To make sure that the phone knows it needs to use the phone for file transfers, you need to switch it to MTP or File Transfer. Here’s how to do it.

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to your PC using a charging cable.
  • You will get a notification as your Samsung A52 (5G) connects to the PC.
  • Change the “USB charging this device” to File Transfer or MTP from the options which are selected by default.
  • Finally, your PC will detect the connection and start the data transfer protocol.

2: Use Developer Options

This method only works when you connect your phone to the PC through a charging cable. However, you can alter the system much earlier and set it as your default for “MTP connection” whenever you connect to a PC.

  • First, open Settings, then tap on System and choose Developer Options.
  • Next, tap on “Default USB Configuration.”
  • Finally, select the “File Transfer” or “MTP” options so your phone is always detected as a media device when connected to a PC.

3: Use a different USB port [Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) won’t connect to PC ]

If the Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) won’t connect to PC problem persists, see if there is any physical damage. 

Start by inspecting your computer’s USB port. 

Since most computers have multiple ports, you can use a different USB port. 

The system will not recognize the media device if you are using a damaged port. It will be better if you switch to a better USB port.

4: Check the Charging Cable

We frequently overlook that the charging cable enables data transfer between the PC, modem, and phone charging. However, we mishandle it by bending, stretching, and rotating it at absurd angles while expecting it to function as intended. A small break anywhere along the charging cable’s length could cause it to stop functioning entirely.

Therefore, ensure the charging cable you are using is in good working order. You might be unable to connect your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to the PC if you use an unofficial or incompatible charging cable. Though it’s unlikely, it can happen. To determine whether the old cable was the problem, try a different charging cable, preferably an authentic first-party cable.

5: Update the MTP driver of your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) on the PC

  • The driver for your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) must first be downloaded. You can look for a driver on Google or on the website of your Samsung website.
  • First, use a compatible USB cable to connect the phone to the PC.
  • Next, click on Manage by right-clicking on the computer icon. In this option, you can find the device manager option.
  • Click on “Portable Device” and expand it.
  • Find your phone listed as a peripheral in Device Manager and then right-click on it to see various options. Click on the Update Drivers option.
  • Find the driver you downloaded and install it. Restart your computer, and you are good to go. 
  • When connecting your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to the computer, you must know that a driver is required to enable the connection. If you are experiencing problems with the computer drivers, they are likely to have aged, so you should update them.
  • Once the driver is updated, you can now check if this method worked in your favor by fixing the Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) won’t connect to PC or not.

6: Android File Transfer Utility for Mac

You should be aware that the Android File Transfer Utility is necessary to enable this feature if you are trying to connect your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to your Macbook but have yet to be successful. You can connect to the PC because it is a bridge software between Android and Mac.

  • First up, you need to download the Android File Transfer from this link.
  • Open the program by selecting it in the Applications folder.
  • Check if it works by connecting your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to the Mac with a USB cable.

7: Run Windows Device Troubleshooter

Windows PCs can use this technique and offer a reliable solution. You can run a troubleshooter to see if it can determine what’s wrong with the hardware systems because you’re having problems connecting your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) to the PC. Follow the procedure –

8: Use another PC [ Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) won’t connect to PC ]

Are you still having trouble getting your phone to work with the computer? Why don’t you try using a different PC? It should work. If you still need to, you also have the last choice.

9: Visit an authorized service center

You can adopt this technique if you are unable to connect to any computers at all. Enter a legitimate service location and explain the problem and your request for a fix on Samsung Customer care service. The expert at the center will be able to identify the issue and resolve it because it may be either a software or hardware issue with your Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G).

Closing Words

We hope this troubleshooting tutorial helps you solve the issue if you have problems connecting your phone to the PC.

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