Samsung Galaxy A32 won’t connect to PC? Just do this

Your Samsung Galaxy A32 wouldn’t recognise your computer when you tried to connect it thus you couldn’t transfer that enormous (or small) file you needed to. Can you please describe the issue? Is there a problem with your computer’s phone line? Let’s go deeper into potential explanations and remedies.

How To resolve Samsung Galaxy A32 Won’t Connect To PC?

1: Samsung Galaxy A32 MTP connection to a computer

The Samsung Galaxy A32 may be charged by connecting it to a computer, which will then assume the role of a charger and begin providing power to the phone automatically. It’s necessary to enter MTP mode before you can start sharing files. Your mobile device must be trained to recognise when you need to use it to send or receive files. This section contains the necessary instructions.

  • Start by plugging the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) charging wire into your computer and your Samsung Galaxy A32.
  • A connection alert will appear as soon as the phone is connected.
  • You may access the Android System or the “USB Preference” alert from the notification shade. While most people just leave their devices set to charge via USB, you’ll want to switch it over to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), so you can transfer files.

2: Make Modifications in the Code Editor

The old technique required you to connect your phone to the computer for electricity before you could get started. In any case, you may adjust the settings ahead of time to have them take effect automatically whenever you connect to a computer. Below, we will discuss some approaches that may be used to accomplish this goal.

  • The Developer Options menu may be accessed by going to the Settings > System > Developer Options menu.
  • Restore the USB settings to their original, default state.
  • Pick “File Transfer” or “MTP” if you want your phone to always be seen as a media device when connected to a computer.

3: Switch USB ports [ Samsung Galaxy A32 won’t connect to PC ]

In the case that the Samsung Galaxy A32 still refuses to connect after doing these steps, it may be broken in a way that prohibits it from establishing a connection. Be sure the computer’s USB port is active and functioning before continuing. Because most modern computers have multiple USB ports, you may just use another one. If a storage device wasn’t found, a broken port might be the blame. Switching to a new USB port, ideally one of higher quality, should improve performance.

4: Verify that you have a working charging cable

Most people don’t realise that a charging cable may also be used to transfer data from a phone to a computer or vice versa. It’s ironic that we routinely abuse it by putting it through unnatural motions like flexing, extending, and twisting, yet we want it to continue working as intended. A cut charging wire may prevent the gadget from charging or even from functioning.

Please check to see whether the charging cable is working properly. If you’re unable to connect your Samsung Galaxy A32 to a computer, check to see if you’re using a cord that is not officially supported or is not the correct one for your device. Even if it doesn’t happen often, it is theoretically feasible. Switching to a different charging cable, preferably a genuine first-party one, will help you figure out if the original cable was at fault.

5: The MTP driver for the Samsung Galaxy A32 on your PC is outdated

The installation of a driver is required to establish a connection between your Samsung Galaxy A32 and a personal computer. Your driver issues may be related to the fact that it is no longer receiving security updates. There needs to be an immediate adjustment. Keep reading to find out how to upgrade your phone’s MTP driver.

  • A complete set of drivers, the most recent of which can be found on Samsung’s website, must be downloaded before the Samsung Galaxy A32 may be used. Either the original equipment manufacturer’s website or a simple Google search should yield results for a driver download for your specific device.
  • The first step is to plug a USB cable into the phone and the computer.
  • By hitting Windows + X, you may open the Device Manager.
  • Define the term “portable device” for me.
  • Device Manager will then recognize the phone as an accessory, and when you right-click on it, you’ll see a context menu with more settings for the phone. The most recent driver version may be installed by clicking the “Update” button.
  • To install the driver, find the file you made after downloading it, then double-click it.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy A32 to your computer once again and see whether the issue persists after you’ve installed the new driver.

6: Android to Mac File Transfer Software

If you’re having trouble syncing your Samsung Galaxy A32 on a Mac, Android File Transfer Utility could be the answer. Given that it acts as a go-between for Android and Mac, you’ll need it to link the two devices.

  • To obtain the Android File Transfer, follow this link.
  • You can locate the programme in the Applications folder again.
  • For this test, you must link your Samsung Galaxy A32 to a Mac through USB.

7: Issue a Windows Device Troubleshooter

On Windows computers, this strategy is effective. If your PC isn’t detecting your Samsung Galaxy A32, you might use a hardware troubleshooter to figure out why. To learn the language, read on.

  • To begin, launch an administrative command prompt (CMD) or Windows PowerShell session.
  • At the prompt, type “msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic.”
  • In such a circumstance, the “Hardware and Devices” troubleshooter will start up. By following the on-screen prompts, it will automatically identify the problem and provide a solution.

8: Switch to a different desktop computer [ Samsung Galaxy A32 won’t connect to PC ]

You still can’t get your PC and mobile device to talk to each other. How should we go now? Then you should test if a new computer makes a difference by trying it out. We think that could be the solution you’re looking for. Plan B is always an option, no matter how bad things get.

9: Go to a respected repair shop

In the absence of a computer, this is your only viable alternative. If you want your issue to be resolved promptly, you should visit an official service centre where you may talk to a real person. The center’s personnel will be able to identify the source of any issues, whether they originate in the system’s software or hardware, and then provide guidance on how to fix them.

Closing Words

I sincerely hope that this troubleshooting article was able to assist you get your phone and computer to function together.

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