Samsung Galaxy A32 not connecting to WiFi? Reasons & Solutions

In the contemporary world, connectivity has emerged as one of the most fundamental demands that every person has. The relevance of the internet is growing daily as a result of rallies to make internet access a fundamental right for all citizens in many countries. Today, the majority of our daily activities rely heavily on this quick network. This post is particularly for you if your Samsung Galaxy A32 won’t connect to WiFi.

My Samsung Galaxy A32 is not connecting to WiFi, What to do?

Sincerely, your Samsung Galaxy A32’s WiFi connection issues can occur for a variety of reasons. There may be a number of problems that prevent your device from connecting to the WiFi router. Both the router and the gadget may be at fault.

As a result, each problem’s solution is very distinct. If your Samsung Galaxy A32 is having trouble connecting to WiFi, take a look at the reasons listed below and take the appropriate action to address each one.

Issues within your Samsung Galaxy A32

The majority of times, a WiFi connection issue is caused by an issue with one of your devices. The cause could be anything from a little setting adjustment to a serious hardware issue.

You can attempt a few of these steps to resolve this problem. The steps you should take are listed below; try them one at a time until you find the solution.

1. Check if the WiFi is switched on

Although it may seem absurd, some users frequently wait for the WiFi to connect on its own without realising that the option is off. Such situations are particularly true when using stored networks.

Turning on the WiFi connection option will enable the adapter to begin receiving signals from the router, which is the quick and simple approach in this case.

2. Toggle WiFi off and on [ Samsung Galaxy A32 not connecting to WiFi ]

Image : WiFi feature turned on in a smartphone


The functionality of our smart devices can be turned on and off to solve a number of problems. The device stores a lot of data to speed up future connections when something like the WiFi connection is active for a very long time.

Despite being done to ease our lives, there are situations when it can backfire and cause more harm than good. The corruption of saved data can occasionally prevent the phone from connecting to a WiFi network.

Therefore, the best thing to do if your Samsung Galaxy A32 is having trouble connecting to WiFi is to restart the functionality. The simplest approach to do this is to turn off your device’s WiFi connection and then turn it back on after a short period of time.

3. Restart the device

Restarting the entire device is the next best option if restarting a specific WiFi feature doesn’t work well. Restarting your Samsung Galaxy A32 will thoroughly clear the cache and fix many problems.

Simply hold down the device’s power button to implement this method. Wait a short while after turning off the device before turning it back on. It is hoped that the problem will be resolved once the device starts up. Continue to the next one if the Samsung Galaxy A32 is still having trouble connecting to WiFi.

4. Forget and try reconnecting to the WiFi

This is a procedure that is effective, particularly if you are having problems with a specific WiFi network. The best course of action is to forget the network and reconnect it if your Samsung Galaxy A32 is having trouble connecting to WiFi that is provided by one router but works properly on others.

Every time a device is connected, the network’s configuration information is saved. Therefore, any type of setting modification could prevent you from connecting to that particular network.

In this situation, locate the network that is giving you problems in the WiFi settings menu. Either tap and hold on the network name or select the I icon next to it to access the forget network option. Once you’ve forgotten the password, start over and enter it to reconnect.

5. Get technical help

If you’re still unsure about the cause of your phone’s WiFi connection issues, there may be hardware problems. You won’t get any signals and won’t be able to connect to a network if the WiFi receiver on your Samsung Galaxy A32 stops working. Whenever possible, seek out authorised technical assistance.

Never attempt such repairs yourself since you risk damaging the equipment. Any unofficial technical assistance must also be avoided. To make hardware changes to your device, be sure to speak with a service centre that has a valid licence.

Issues with the WiFi Router [ Samsung Galaxy A32 not connecting to WiFi ]

Image : Router


There may be some circumstances when the router is the root of connectivity troubles. The two most frequent occurrences are being unable to locate the network and having a WiFi-connected gadget with no internet. These two problems might be directly related to router or service provider problems.

1. Switch the Router on and off

Restarting the device is the simplest but most practical fix for both of these problems. This operates similarly to rebooting a tablet or smartphone. Wait at least 10 seconds after turning off the router before turning it back on.

2. Contact the ISP

You should get in touch with your ISP (internet service provider) for any form of technical assistance if a straightforward restart doesn’t work. It is advised not to do anything technical without professional guidance.

We really hope that this article was useful in resolving your question: Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy A32 connect to WiFi?

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