Samsung Galaxy A31 unresponsive touch screen? Do this to fix it

When your smartphone’s touch screen isn’t responding well, it’s very frustrating. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix Samsung Galaxy A31 unresponsive touch screen problem.

Have you ever pondered the root cause of such a problem? Probably yes. In most cases, it is due to physical damage to the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A31.

However, that’s not the sole cause and such problems can also arise in your phone due to a recently installed software update that may contain bugs or glitches causing the touch screen to malfunction.

How to resolve the unresponsive touch screen problem on Samsung Galaxy A31?

Here are some methods to resolve this problem:

Reboot your phone

The most widespread solution for fixing a touch screen problem on your Samsung Galaxy A31 is to reboot the phone. This action clears all background processes and frees up the phone’s memory.

Rebooting your phone can also improve the performance of your apps and make them run smoothly. Give it a try and it should resolve your issue.

Still no solution? No problem. You can attempt a few additional techniques outlined below:

Boot into safe mode

The Safe mode feature on your Samsung Galaxy A31 allows you to restart your device to its original settings as it was when you first turned it on. This mode temporarily disables all third-party apps on your Android phone for troubleshooting purposes.

You can easily restore your phone to its original state by simply rebooting it. If you wish to boot your Samsung Galaxy A31 into safe mode, follow these steps:

Press and hold the Power Button > Menu will pop up > Press and hold the Power off symbol for 3 to 4 seconds > You’ll see, “Reboot to safe mode” notification > Press Ok.

You are now in safe mode. Verify if your touch screen operates correctly in this mode.

If your phone is functioning properly, the issue may lie with some of the third-party apps you recently installed. To resolve this, we recommend uninstalling these apps and then reinstalling them from the Google Play Store.

Test your Display

Yes, you can test your Samsung Galaxy A31 display with the help of some apps available in the Google Play Store. Display Tester is one of such apps used to test your smartphone display.

Factory Reset [ How to fix Samsung Galaxy A31 unresponsive touch screen issue ]

You may have already utilized this technique to resolve prior issues with your phone. By using this method, all the data stored on your Samsung Galaxy A31 will be wiped clean, making your phone feel like a brand new device (just don’t anticipate the same level of performance).

By performing a factory reset on your phone, all data stored by third-party applications, including any changes made to the device’s settings, will be returned to their original default state.

Before utilizing this technique, keep in mind that all information stored on your device will be irrevocably erased. Thus, it is crucial to backup any crucial files.

To factory reset your Samsung Galaxy A31:

Open Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Erase all data (factory reset) > Click on “Reset Phone.”

Additionally, you may be prompted to enter your password at the conclusion of this procedure. That will be the final step. Upon completing a factory reset, your phone’s touch screen should function properly.

We hope that you have now gained an understanding on how to repair the unresponsive touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy A31.

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