Samsung Galaxy A20s Network Problem? Here’s how to fix it

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Indeed, it will be worrying when you are facing a network problem in your Samsung Galaxy A20s mobile. But when you came to know that there is no problem with your mobile and that it could be a minor software issue or setting issue that can be resolved by yourself, you will not get panic, Right? Network issues are exactly such a type of issue. Let’s jump into the solutions for

1] No Network problem in Samsung Galaxy A20s & 2] Internet Connection Issue

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1. Network Problem in Samsung Galaxy A20s

If there is no network in your device, before concluding that your Samsung Galaxy A20s mobile hardware is problematic, you should first check the SIM card.

Switch off your Samsung Galaxy M31s and remove the SIM card. SIM should be compatible with your Samsung Galaxy A20s, examine for any physical damage or dust. Insert the SIM card in other compatible devices and ensure proper network connection without any issues. If there is the same issue, the problem is with the network provider or the SIM card.

If SIM works fine in other devices, align the SIM card in Samsung Galaxy A20s slots and fix it.

Go to Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → Ensure SIM card is turned ON.

Confirm that your device is not in Aeroplane mode.

If you are in an emergency to make a call or convey a message,

Go to Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → Preferred Network Type → 2G only.


After completing preceding tests, 

Go to Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → Preferred Network Type → Prefer LTE. 

Then Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → enable Automatically Select Network option.

If you have changed any settings in Access Point Name (APN),

Go to Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → Access Point Names → Reset to default.

Still, Cellular Network is Not Connected in your Samsung Galaxy A20s?

Call the Customer support of your network provider; describe the network connection issue you are facing, and request Access Point Name (APN).

Go to Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks →  Turn ON the Roaming Services.

Restart the device.

We hope that the above-provided solutions were helpful to resolve the network problem of your Samsung Galaxy A20s.

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