Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Won’t Charge? Follow this

In a situation where your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G won’t charge, it can be very frustrating. Without charging, you might not be able to do anything even if it’s just calling someone or checking the time. However, this is a problem that can stay fixed with the help of these specific steps.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Won’t Charge Issue?


If your phone is not charging, try a quick restart to get it back in good working order. Some issues you won’t even be able to imagine can be fixed with this easy fix.

Use Safe Mode [ Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Won’t Charge ]

Safe Mode is a feature on your LG Stylo 6 that allows you to troubleshoot while making sure all third-party apps are shut down. Safe Mode creates a sandboxed environment, so that you can find issues.

Turns out if the issue attribute to any third-party app, to begin with, you shouldn’t be able to charge the phone. In this scenario, you can reboot the phone in normal mode. And then try uninstalling recently installed apps that should do the trick. If the issue persist even in safe mode, something else is culprit.

Is the charger/ cable you’re using the original one?

Make sure to always buy an original charger and cable to charge your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. As it is recommended by OEMs and experts not to use a third-party or local charger or cable. This can even bring out freezing issues on a smartphone. Hence you should always go for a legit charger instead.

Verify the Charging Adapter

In order to verify hardware issues, the first thing you need to do is make sure whether the charging adapter is working or not. The first thing is to physically shake the adapter and check whether something’s loose. The adapter should be unable to provide proper current or it could be flawed.

Switch to a spare adapter if you have, while keeping the same contraption. And then check whether the phone is charging or not. It should charge in case the swapped adapter was a problem. However, it won’t charge if something else is flawed.

Verify the Charging Cable [ Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Won’t Charge ]

If your phone doesn’t start charging with the spare adapter, it’s time to check whether there’s something wrong with the charging cable or not. This is something you should know that when the phone is on charge, the charging cable is often heavily abused be it stretching or twisting or squeezing or bending it. The wires inside the cable breaks due to these obscure forces and that won’t carry current anymore.

As a consequence you could be facing Samsung Galaxy A13 5G won’t charge issue. The common fix is to replace the faulty cable with a new (or even old but working) one. It won’t take much time before you could know if the switch worked or not. If not, proceed with the next troubleshooting method assuming that the original cable is in perfect working condition.

Verify the Charging Port

Next up, could the charging port on your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G be a culprit? There are two instances, first the charging port is susceptible to getting rusted or corroded in case it comes in contact with water. Another instance of its inability to work is if there’s debris, pocket lint, dust inside the port preventing the charging pin (male side on the cable) from attaching with the charging port (female side on the phone).

Apparently, you can use a sharp object like a needle to clean the port. Make sure not to prick too much otherwise it will damage the port. If it is rusted or the pins inside are damaged or disfigured, you will have to get it replaced. You can do it on your own if you have the knowledge. However, we would still recommend going to a service center to get it fixed.

Could it be a Software bug?

You could test out your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G using an app called Ampere to check the levels of charging and discharging apart from battery health. It could be a minor issue.

Since you are trying ways to fix Samsung Galaxy A13 5G won’t charge problem, a software bug needs to be fixed as well. The best way to ensure there’s no software bug is to update all the apps installed on your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. As well as the Android firmware also needs to be updated. Of course, the latter comes with a support period so if Samsung Galaxy A13 5G is out of that period, you won’t get any more updates. However, you can at least ensure all the apps are updated from time and time.

For Android firmware: Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Updates >> Check for Updates.

For Apps: Go to Google Play Store >> Go to “Manage apps and devices” >> Update All.

Check if it’s the Battery [ Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Won’t Charge ]

Your phone’s battery, after a certain number of charge and discharge cycles, your phone’s battery will start deteriorating. This is the reason why you wouldn’t get an SoT of 6 hours on a 100% battery on Day 100 compared to Day 1 when you buy the phone for the first time.

As battery performance depletes with every lifecycle, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G won’t charge could be because of this same issue. If your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G has a non-removable battery, then you should take care of it and ask help from a technician to remove it rather than trying to yank it off yourself. This will damage the battery in the majority of cases.

Verify water, physical damage, or other damages

As it is probably obvious, water can render a phone unable if it has penetrated deep into the critical systems on a smartphone. Similarly, a hard fall on a concrete surface can lead to serious physical damage. This can be one of the many reasons why your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G won’t charge. Since it isn’t charging, you cannot use it so that means you’d need to take action as soon as possible.

In such scenarios, we suggest to visit a service center instead of trying to open the phone because the majority of phones now have non-removable back panels. Unless you have proper tools for it you will end up damaging it more. Henceforth, it is recommended to call in a big gun i.e. a technician. You can reach out to a nearby authorized or local service center for assistance and that should save the day.

Wrapping Up

All right, that wraps up our take. We hope you now know how to fix your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G that won’t charge.

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