Samsung Galaxy A13 5G unresponsive touch screen? Do this to fix it

Isn’t it annoying when the touch screen on your smartphone works properly? This article will share a few potential solutions on how to resolve the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G touch screen problem.

Have you ever pondered why a problem arises? The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G’s display has been physically damaged most of the time.

But that’s not the only cause; your phone may also experience these issues due to a recent software upgrade (bundled with a few flaws or faults that prevent the touch screen from functioning correctly).

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A13 5G unresponsive touch screen issue?

Here are some ways to fix such an issue:

Reboot your phone

The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G’s unresponsive touch screen can be fixed with this technique the most frequently. If you restart, your phone will cease all background processes and release all of its RAM.

This method results in more fluid app performance. Restart your phone as a result. Now, your problem ought to be solved.

Not yet resolved? Not to worry. You can try a few additional techniques that we have listed below:

Boot into safe mode

Your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G can restart in the same state it was in when you first turned it on by using safe mode. All third-party apps on your Android phone are temporarily disabled when in safe mode.

Simply resetting your phone will restore it to its original state. Interested in starting your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G in safe mode? What you must do is as follows:

A menu will show if you continue to hold down the power button. Holding down the Power off symbol for 3 to 4 seconds will trigger a “Reboot to safe mode” warning. Hit “OK.”

That’s it. You are currently in safe mode. Verify your touch screen’s functionality in safe mode.

If it is, you have a problem with a few third-party apps you recently downloaded and installed on your phone. You should uninstall and reinstall those applications from the Google Play Store, as advised.

Test your Display

Yes, there are apps in the Google Play Store that can help you test your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G display. Display Tester is one such app used to test your smartphone display.

Factory Reset [ How to fix Samsung Galaxy A13 5G unresponsive touch screen isssue ]

You may have already utilized this approach to resolve some other phone-related problems. After using this method to clear data, your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G will look and function like a brand-new phone.

Your phone’s factory reset will erase all of the data kept by third-party apps. Sometimes, it will return the device’s settings to their original state.

Before using this technique, check that your device will completely erase any data. So don’t forget to back up any crucial files.

To reset your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G to factory settings:

Open Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options. A factory reset will erase all data. Go to “Reset Phone” and click.

Further, after this process, you might be prompted to enter your password, and that’s all. Your phone’s touchscreen ought to be functional following a factory reset.

Your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G’s unresponsive touch screen should now be repairable.

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