Samsung Galaxy A13 5G GPS not working? Try this to fix it

Everyone used to carry maps everywhere in the past, but today, GPS has replaced this as a basic necessity in daily life. Do you have a problem with your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G’s GPS not working? Not to worry! We’ll provide you with some advice in this article to help you solve this problem.

The feature at our disposal is the Global Positioning System (GPS), which has had a profound effect on both business and travel by allowing us to determine our whereabouts anywhere on the planet.

There is no possibility for you to get lost in this world with GPS in your gadget. Every significant technological advancement also has drawbacks. Here are some simple procedures to overcome the GPS issue:

Steps to Fix GPS not working issue in Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.

Step1. Try to switch ON/OFF your GPS.

You have a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.

select “Main Menu” Click on settings > Go to locations > turn the location OFF for some time and then again click on ON.

Additionally, you may drag the notification bar to toggle the locations and check the GPS’s functionality.

Step2. Switch ON/OFF Airplane Mode.

Turn on aeroplane mode for 10 to 15 seconds on your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G before turning it off.

Verify the GPS’s functionality.

Step3. Turn OFF Power saving mode.

You have a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G,

Turn off power-saving mode by going to Settings > Battery > Turn Off Power Saving Mode, or just use the notification bar.

Step4. Check GPS settings in your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

To do this,

Navigate to the settings menu, select “search,” and then “location.” Select High Accuracy mode by tapping on modes in the locations menu.

Step5. Clear Cache & Data

Try to erase your Google Maps application’s cache and data, and grant it all necessary permissions for location access.

Additionally, update the Google Maps application from your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G to the latest version from the Google Play Store.

If your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G’s GPS isn’t working, try these easy steps.

Unfortunately, if you’re still having trouble, we advise you to see if your Wi-Fi or data connection is active.

If there are any barriers in your current location, such as a high wall or some metal objects, try to avoid them by moving to new locations. For better GPS hookups, stay away from underground and hilly regions at all costs.

Restart your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and check the GPS to see if it is operational.

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