Samsung Galaxy A03 Won’t Charge? Follow this

Is it difficult for your phone to connect to a charger? Since you won’t be able to do anything without a charge in such situation—not even make a call or look at the time—you should move quickly. Because it won’t charge, the Samsung Galaxy A03 needs to be serviced right away. Here’s how to tackle this issue successfully.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A03 Won’t Charge Issue?


The first line of defence if your phone isn’t charging is to restart it. You won’t even be able to fathom all the issues that a simple reboot could fix. So try it out and see if it works for you.

Use Safe Mode [ Samsung Galaxy A03 Won’t Charge ]

Of all the bootable partitions on your Samsung Galaxy A03, only Safe Mode allows you to troubleshoot your device while blocking access to any third-party programmes. Yes, Safe Mode creates a sandboxed environment by temporarily blocking all third-party software. so that you can spot issues.

It turns out that if the issue was initially brought on by any third-party software, you shouldn’t be able to charge the phone. In this case, you can restart the phone normally. Next, check to see if uninstalling recently installed apps resolves the problem. If the phone won’t charge and stays inactive even in safe mode, another problem exists.

Are you using the original Charger/Cable?

You should be aware that the Samsung Galaxy A03 may only be charged with its original charger and cord. as opposed to using a local or third-party charger or cable, which is what OEMs and experts advise. Even smartphone freezing problems may result from this. And because of this, you should always choose a genuine charger.

Verify the Charging Adapter [ Samsung Galaxy A03 Won’t Charge ]

The first step in figuring out hardware issues is to see if the charging adaptor is working. The first thing to do is physically shake the adapter to see if anything is loose. The adapter can be broken or incapable of providing the required current.

If you have more than one adapter, switch to a different one while keeping the same gadget. then watch to see whether the phone begins to charge. It should charge now if the new adapter caused a problem. However, it won’t charge if a different component is damaged.

Verify the Charging Cable

Next, you should determine if there is a problem with the charging cable. You should be aware that the charging cable is frequently used improperly, whether it be by stretching, twisting, compressing, or bending it while the phone is charging. The cable’s internal wires could break as a result of all these mysterious pressures, rendering it incapable of carrying current.

This is the possible cause of your Samsung Galaxy A03 not charging problem. The typical solution is to replace the damaged cable with a new (or even an old but functional) one. You’ll quickly be able to determine whether the move was successful or not. If the original cable is in great working order, move on to the next troubleshooting step if it is not..

Verify the Charging Port [ Samsung Galaxy A03 Won’t Charge ]

Next, is there a chance that the charging port on the Samsung Galaxy A03 is broken? It turns out that the charging port may rust or corrode if it comes into contact with water. Another scenario where it won’t work is if the charging port has debris, pocket lint, or dust in it that stops the charging pin (male side of the cable) from connecting to the charging port (female side on the phone).

Evidently, the port can be cleaned of some debris with a sharp instrument like a needle. However, avoid piercing too deeply as this will damage the port. If the internal pins are damaged or bent, it needs to be replaced if it is rusted. You can complete it on your own if you have the knowledge. However, we still suggest having a service centre fix it.

Could it be a Software bug?

Utilizing the Ampere, you might examine your Samsung Galaxy A03’s charging and discharging rates in addition to the battery’s overall health.

A software defect needs to be fixed at the same time that you search for answers to the Samsung Galaxy A03 won’t charge problem. Update every programme you have installed to ensure that your Samsung Galaxy A03 doesn’t have a software flaw. The Android firmware also has to be updated. The latter, of course, has a support time, after which your Samsung Galaxy A03 will no longer receive updates. However, you can at least guarantee that all the programmes are updated frequently.

For Android firmware: open Settings >> open, About Phone >> go to Software Updates >> Check for Updates.

For Apps: open Google Play Store >> “Manage apps and devices” >> Update All.

Check if it’s the Battery [ Samsung Galaxy A03 Won’t Charge ]

Despite its strength, the battery in your phone has a lifetime, meaning its performance begins to decline after a specific number of charges and discharges. This is the reason why you wouldn’t get a longer SoT—6 hours on a 100% battery—on Day 100 than you would on Day 1 when you first purchase the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy A03 won’t charge could be caused by the same problem because battery performance declines throughout the course of each lifecycle. If your Samsung Galaxy A03 has a non-removable battery, you should take care of it and always seek professional assistance rather than attempting to yank the battery out on your own because doing so will frequently cause damage to the battery.

Verify water, physical damage, or other damages

For what it’s worth, if water has gotten deeply within a smartphone’s crucial systems, it may have rendered the device useless. Similar to a heavy fall, physical harm can result from landing on concrete. One of the numerous possible causes of your Samsung Galaxy A03’s inability to charge is this. You cannot use it because it isn’t charging, therefore you must move swiftly.

Since the majority of phones now feature non-removable back panels, we advise visiting a service centre in such situations rather than attempting to open the device. If you don’t have the right tools, you’ll wind up doing more harm. Therefore, a technician or a large gun is advised to be called in. Contacting a nearby authorised or local service centre for help should solve the problem.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our viewpoint. Now that you know how to fix your Samsung Galaxy A03 that won’t charge, we hope you can use it.

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