Samsung Galaxy A01 unresponsive touch screen? Do this to fix it

It might be infuriating when your smartphone’s touchscreen suddenly stops responding as expected. Several suggestions for responding to your question follow. Incorrect operation of the touchscreen on your Samsung Galaxy A01.

Do you ever examine the origins of the problem? Unequivocally, yes. Perhaps the screen on your Samsung Galaxy A01 became shattered because you were careless.

An upgrade to your phone’s software might be the cause of its problems (included with some bugs or glitches, which make the touch screen not work properly).

How to resolve Samsung Galaxy A01 unresponsive touch screen issue?

There are a few remedies to this kind of issue:

Reboot your device

This is the most popular solution when the touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy A01 is unresponsive. Restarting your phone will end any background processes and free up any associated RAM.

With this method, the software’s efficiency is improved as well. If it doesn’t work, try shutting down and restarting your device. In all likelihood, that will fix whatever issues you were facing.

Is it still baffling to you? Don’t worry about it. We also suggest trying the following options.

Boot into safe mode

The Samsung Galaxy A01 may be rebooted in safe mode to keep its original configuration. For the time being, safe mode on an Android smartphone will prevent any further software from being installed.

With just a restart, your phone may be returned to factory defaults. Are you trying to put your Samsung Galaxy A01 into safe mode? What needs to happen is…

To access the configuration menu, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Press and hold the Power button for three to four seconds when the “Reboot to safe mode” screen appears. When you’re ready to proceed, just click OK.

The argument has been settled. You are now in a safe mode. Verify the touchscreen’s functionality in the “safe mode.”

Assuming there are no glaring issues, the issue must be related to one of the newer, third-party applications. It is necessary to delete the applications from your device and then reinstall them from the Google Play Store.

Test your Display

The Samsung Galaxy A01 is compatible with screen checks owing to third-party software available from the Google Play Store. You may use an app like Display Tester to check the functionality of your smartphone’s display.

Factory Reset [ How to fix Samsung Galaxy A01 unresponsive touch screen isssue ]

This strategy may be familiar to you as a means of resolving difficulties on your mobile devices. Follow these steps and your Samsung Galaxy A01 will look and feel brand new, but its performance won’t be as fantastic as it would be after a factory reset.

In certain cases, you may be able to restore settings that were altered by third-party programmes if you reset your device to factory defaults and all data held by those applications is removed.

Please keep in mind that doing so will completely erase all data from your device’s memory. As a result, it’s vital that you often back up your key data.

Performing a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy A01 entails:

To access the reset options, go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options. Select “Reset Phone” to bring up the factory settings and wipe all data.

As a last step, you might be asked to provide a password. After restoring the phone to factory settings, the touchscreen should work as intended.

We hope this post helped you figure out why the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy A01 wouldn’t work.

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