Redmi Note 8 Pro users reporting battery drain issue after MIUI 12 update

Redmi Note 8 pro

Rolling out a huge new update to old devices is a good thing but the most important thing besides new features is software optimization. Recently Redmi Note 8 Pro device owners started receiving MIUI 12 update with a bunch of new features but it looks like Xiaomi didn’t test it properly before the roll-out & as a result users are reporting battery drain issues:

Tweet: User reporting about battery drain issue in Redmi Note 8 Pro after MIUI 12 update

According to another user, after MIUI 12 update Redmi Note 8 Pro isn’t supporting YouTube in a floating window feature & also there is a heating issue:


For now, we don’t know exactly when Xiaomi will resolve these issues. But we’ll continue to give you all updates related to this story.

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