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Realme 7 auto brightness issue? Try this

Realme 7

There is a new auto-brightness issue in Realme 7 smartphones. According to several users, this issue is occurring after downloading & installing the recent system update provided by Realme. Previously, we reported about the touch screen issue which was (we hope it’s gone now) terrible for the same device owners.

What’s the exact issue happening right now is, when Auto-Brightness has enabled, your Realme 7 doesn’t have any idea regarding when to keep your brightness on a low level & when to increase it. If you’re not getting what we’re talking about then let’s take a look at a short video posted below:


How to solve it?

If you’re also facing this issue then no need to worry. Realme has responded to the above-mentioned complaint & suggested a solution. You need to reset your system settings. We know that some of you may not like this solution but as of now, that’s the only thing you can try out.

Just visit Settings > Additional settings > Back up & reset > Reset to factory settings > now finally click on “Reset system setting only.”

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