[Updated] Realme 6 Pro fingerprint sensor is not working after A.43 update

[This story was originally published on 3 March 2021 and is last updated on 5 March 2021]

Software updates for mobile phones are generally released to improve the overall user experience of the device owner. But many times in the past few years it has been proven that an unoptimized update can ruin your smartphone experience badly with some newly introduced issues. A similar thing is currently happening with a Realme smartphone. Owners of Realme 6 Pro are reporting that the fingerprint sensor is not working properly after the recently released A.43 (February 2021 security patch) update.

Here are some tweets which confirms this issue:


How to resolve this issue?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any working solution for that (at least for now). In such a situation, we suggest you try to connect with the support team of Realme India through their official social media profiles. Tell them that the fingerprint sensor on your Realme 6 Pro is not working after A.43 update or February 2020 security patch update. They could help you to solve this problem or at least will give you a temporary solution.

Update [5 March 2021]

The fingerprint sensor issue on Realme 6 Pro was recently raised on the Realme community website & one of their assistants have suggested some steps to resolve it:

What you have to do is remove your old password of the Fingerprint sensor & reset all existing system settings. In the next step, you have to clean the Fingerprint sensor with a clean & dry cloth. Then once again setup your password with oil/dirt-free fingers & that’s it.

What about users who still didn’t have installed A.43 update?

Are you among them? If yes then our suggestion for you is to stay on your current version & wait till the company rollouts the next bug-free software update for your Realme 6 Pro.

Do you have any other solution that can troubleshoot this issue? We would love to update this article. Just let us know that in the comments section below.

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