PUBG Mobile not opening in Android? Try this

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royale games globally (It is also known as BGMI in India). The PUBG Mobile game as a whole is huge with at least 1GB+ file size and not to forget the treacherous updates. You downloaded the game and played it for a while (or it could be longer). But unfortunately ended up with an issue where PUBG Mobile is not opening in your Android phone. If that sounds something like you, trust us you aren’t alone but there are plenty of other users who reported the same issue as well. So, how to fix it? What troubleshooting methods you can use to fix the issue. Here’s a list of methods that you can opt for in such cases.

Restart the game [ PUBG Mobile not opening in Android ]

The first troubleshooting method to utilize when trying to fix PUBG Mobile not opening in Android issue. As the title suggests, you won’t have to do much but just restart the game. Here’s how for the uninitiated.

  • Exit the game as you would.
  • Recall “Recent” apps and close “PUBG Mobile” or “BGMI”.
  • Hold the phone idle for a few seconds.
  • Restart the game and monitor whether it starts normally or not. Proceed if it doesn’t work.

Verify your Internet speed

If you have ever played BGMI or PUBG Mobile before, you know it needs continuous internet connection be it mobile data or Wi-Fi to run. Without a proper or unstable or slow internet speed, you will have difficulty playing the game, especially with the highest ping onboard. Since the game isn’t opening on Android, you could be having a usable or no internet connection at all

What you have to do here is to check out your current internet speed at Check the browsing speed at your place and move closer to a router or window in case of Wi-Fi and mobile data respectively. This should help you narrow down on internet issues. If it isn’t the problem, refer to the next method listed here.

Server Status [ PUBG Mobile not opening in Android ]

You do know that PUBG Mobile or BGMI uses servers to allow players from all across the globe to work. It could be using multiple servers to cache different data and thus if any service is not working properly or has any issue with it, this may translate into issues such as the game not starting or opening or maps aren’t loading, etc. It could be localized or the issue could be affecting all users alike and thus, you need to check server status for all this information.

You can check out Google for PUBG Mobile server-status which should give you adequate information. If it’s a server issue, the developers will work on fixing it. If there’s anything else wrong, you can proceed with the guide for other troubleshooting methods.

Force Stop

Temporary issues can strike at any time. This is where force-stopping an app can be instrumental since all you have to do is to force-stop it. Doing the same for a game isn’t any different.

  • Go to the home screen or app drawer and find the PUBG Mobile or BGMI icon.
  • Press on the icon for a second and that should give you options in a pop-up menu.
  • Tap on “App Info”.
  • Tap on the button “Force Stop” and that’s it.

Did you check for any game updates?

Most of the updates that are rolled out on PUBG Mobile or BGMI are in-app updates. This means when you launch the game, it sends you a notification that you must download the update available. If you fail to do it, you won’t be able to play the game. Alternatively, the same story is likely to happen even if the update is available on Google Play Store

The best practice is to go to the Google Play Store and update the app. If the said update is available in-app, get to the Wi-Fi or mobile data and download it as well.

Storage hassles [ PUBG Mobile not opening in Android ]

PUBG Mobile has a huge file size and with that, it has a huge requirement for storage thanks to the plethora of DLC available post-game download from time to time. As you are an Android user, you should know that storage crunch can put any app into a tumble. When you are talking about a game like PUBG Mobile which can easily take a few GB of storage, you should know that you need to keep free storage as well. Check out your internal storage. If it is around 80-90% occupied, it’s time to delete files till it reaches around the 60% mark. The more storage, the better the performance.

If your phone supports expandable storage, get a microSD card and export some files on it so that the internal storage is as clear as possible.

Did you clear the cache?

Cache memory on your phone is what keeps apps and processes running at a faster pace. It helps in data retrieval so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to access the same data that you asked for earlier. Here, we are talking about PUBG Mobile. Turns out cache can cause problems as well since it is constantly overwritten and accumulated on the system which can be a trigger to the issue. You could be facing the PUBG Mobile not opening in Android issue due to the same and thus, a quick sweep on cache storage can fix the issue right there.

  • Either long-press on the PUBG Mobile app icon and select App Info from the options OR go via Settings >> Apps >> PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Hit the “Clear Cache” option. You might have to re-login on PUBG Mobile but it is worth it if the game starts running as normally.

Uninstall and download again [ PUBG Mobile not opening in Android ]

We know that this is probably one of the time-consuming methods but it works. All you have to do is to uninstall PUBG Mobile and reinstall it. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Well, it is although it will take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes (more or less) to do it since it depends on your internet speed. PUBG Mobile has a 1GB+ download file size so that should take some time. Here’s a clear directive though.

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> PUBG Mobile >> Uninstall or hit the PUBG Mobile icon on the home screen for a few seconds, then tap on the Uninstall button from the on-screen menu.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Next up, go to Google Play Store and search for PUBG Mobile.
  • Download it and it’s done.
  • You will have to re-login but it saves the hassle of the game not opening issues.

Wrapping Up

These were a handful of methods that you can use should you encounter PUBG Mobile not opening in Android issue. Hope that helps get rid of the problem for good.

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