Problem Communicating with Google Servers in Redmi 9? Try this

Problem Communicating with Google Servers in Redmi 9? Try this

Redmi 9

Getting the following error: There was a problem communicating with Google servers on your Redmi 9? This could happen while you’re trying to add a Google account to your device. No worries, we’ll help you fix this issue.

Google products have become an essential part of our Android smartphones. Whatever be a Google account is a must to access Google products like Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.

When your Redmi 9 makes you lose your coolness by displaying a Google Sign-in error, we are here to help you get back your peace.

How to fix: Problem communicating with Google servers in Redmi 9?

There was a problem communicating with Google servers
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So, here we’re providing some possible solutions to fix such an issue:

First things first

Check your internet connection. Due to a poor network connection, your Redmi 9 could fail to communicate with the Google server. Test your network speed and ensure proper network.

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can try Sign-in by connecting with Wi-Fi.

Check Data Usage

After ensuring a proper internet connection, there is a chance of data being restricted for the Google apps.

Go to Setting → Data Usage → Restrict data usage → Ensure data usage is not restricted for Google Apps.

Ensure the Date & time of your Redmi 9 is correct.

Clear Cache [ Problem Communicating with Google Servers in Redmi 9 ]

After checking the basics, 

Go to Settings → Apps → Clear Cache memory of all the Google apps.

Reboot your Redmi 9

Sometimes, rebooting your Redmi 9 could help you a lot. It’s because some of the minor software communication issues could be resolved while you’re performing a reboot. If this is not working then you can try our other recommended methods below.

Review recently downloaded Apps in your Redmi 9

Sometimes, the apps downloaded recently may create such issues on your Redmi 9. If you have downloaded any apps from a third party apart from Google Play Store, uninstall the app and try to Sign in to your Google Account again.

Software Updates

This is a primary & simple method but trust us it’s very effective.

The usual bugs faced by Android users in their devices can be solved by updating the latest available software and Android Apps.

Many users are unaware of the available software updates on their Redmi 9. The

The conversion rate of updating software is also less.

Check for the software updates on your Redmi 9,

Go to Settings → About Phone → Software Version → Check for an update.

If you find any, update your software.

After updating and rebooting your Redmi 9,

Go to Setting → Account & Sync → Google → Add Account and try to Sign-in.

If the issue is still not resolved, try you can try the remaining steps.

Remove Account [ Problem Communicating with Google Servers in Redmi 9 ]

Go to Settings → Accounts & sync → Google → Manage account → More → Remove account.

After removing the account from your Redmi 9, try to add the Google Account back. 

Try this. This method works for other Android users too.

Disable Two-Step Authentication

Sign in to your Google account on your PC.

Go to Security → Disable 2-Step Authentication, and now try to Sign-in your account on your Redmi 9.

We hope, the above methods helped you to fix, “There was a problem communicating with Google servers” error.

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