Poco X3 Pro Battery Drain Issue? Try these tips

If you own a Poco X3 Pro, you might be experiencing a problem with the phone’s quick battery drain issue. Don’t worry, we have some potential solutions for you in this article. Do you want to try these tips to see if they help? Great, let’s get started:

Reasons [ Poco X3 Pro Battery Drain Issue ]

Here are the underlying causes of this problem:

1. Overuse

A number of people utilize their phones for multiple purposes, like making long-distance calls, regularly taking photos and videos, and using social media apps. These activities can contribute to a faster battery drain on your phone, which is a common occurrence.

2. Using an Outdated Mobile Phone

Using an old mobile phone might result in quick battery depletion. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your phone every 5 years. However, because the Poco X3 Pro isn’t an outdated gadget, you can disregard this rationale and go on to other possibilities.

3. Don’t use your Phone while Charging

Some people converse on the phone while charging & this is a big problem. It can lead to overheating of the battery and slows down the functionality of your phone.

Now, let’s proceed to the solutions:

Solutions [ Poco X3 Pro Battery Drain Issue ]


1. Examine your battery usage

To do this, go to your phone’s settings -> pick “battery” -> select the option “Show full device usage” from the battery usage option.

By checking the battery usage section on your phone, you can see which apps are consuming the most power, as well as how long they have been active or running in the background. You may now set restrictions on such applications and uninstall ones that you don’t need.

2. Turn off the “Auto Brightness” Feature

This function can be turned off in the display settings of your Poco X3 Pro smartphone. When you enable this feature, your phone adjusts the brightness based on the available lighting conditions, which uses more energy.

3. Disable Non-Useful Notifications [ Poco X3 Pro Battery Drain Issue ]

We all know that every application sends out various notifications on its own (like app updates, and downloads related). However, you can disable certain notifications if you feel they are not necessary.

Go to app settings -> click on “Apps” and then uncheck the box “Show Notification” app option.

4. Manually Disable the Data Connections

If you constantly have data connections like Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, or Bluetooth “ON”, it will significantly drain your phone’s battery. To prevent this, only activate these features when they are absolutely necessary; otherwise, turn them off.

5. Reduce Sleep/Screen Settings

One important tip is to pay attention to how long your phone’s screen is “ON” and try to decrease the screen time if you are not using it.

6. Look for Software Flaws [ Poco X3 Pro Battery Drain Issue ]

If you have followed all of the steps above and still experience battery drain, it is possible that there may be a software issue. To resolve this, try resetting your Poco X3 Pro phone and ensuring that it has the latest software updates.

7. Protect the health of your Phone’s Battery

Despite the common belief that charging your phone overnight can cause an explosion, this is actually not true. However, it is still recommended that you avoid leaving your phone on the charger for extended periods of time.

It’s always vital to protect your phone’s battery in everyday use. One simple way to do this is to avoid excessively charging your phone or leaving it on the charger overnight.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of why your Poco X3 Pro’s battery is draining and how to fix it.

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