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Poco X3, Poco M2 Pro black screen issue while play cod mobile

[This article has most recently updated on March 22, 2021. You can find more details in the last paragraph]

In recent years, gaming on smartphones has come to another level with the increasing popularity of highly successful games like PUBG Mobile. That’s the reason today’s smartphones (even mid-range) from leading brands are coming with powerful hardware to support such heavy games.

But despite having good hardware, sometimes your gaming experience could not be good enough due to the existence of some software bugs. Similarly, several users of Poco X3 (including X3 NFC & Poco M2 Pro device owners are now reporting about a black screen issue while playing the “COD: Mobile” aka “Call of Duty: Mobile” game.

Here are some complaints reported by users (along with a screenshot):


When it’s happening? Poco X3, M2 Pro black screen issue

This issue can be noticed in Poco X3 (including NFC model) & Poco M2 Pro while playing COD: Mobile (aka Call of Duty: Mobile) in a Battle Royale mode. As of now, we didn’t have found any working solution to this issue. But if you have one or something helpful to share then let us know that in the comment section.

Update (March 22, 2021)

Now we have published a dedicated article with some possible solutions to fix this Poco X3 & Poco M2 Pro black screen issue. You can read that by visiting here.

Disclaimer: Stories published on this website do not claim any specific device is bad or comes with a lot of issues. Our intentions are not to defame any brand, product, or service. For more information read disclosure.

2 thoughts on “[Updated] Poco X3 & M2 Pro users facing black screen issue | COD Mobile”

  1. @POCOGlobal, @IndiaPOCO,@POCOSupport
    call of duty support team.
    Hi All, even im facing the same problem with POCO X3 gaming phone.
    I tried more solutions to refix it but I couldn’t.
    If there is any technicians’ who can solve it, give a solution,
    All the heavy games are awesome in POCO with out any issues.
    By Aj Vj.

    1. Hello Ajay, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The Mobile Query will do our best to find out the solution to this issue & then will update this story.

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