PayPal App keeps crashing on Realme 9 Pro phone? Do this

PayPal App keeps crashing on Realme 9 Pro phone? Do this

Realme 9 Pro

When a perfectly working app crashes, it causes a lot of frustration, especially if you were doing something important. We often close the app and reopen it in hopes of getting it working again. The trick works occasionally unless there is another underlying issue. This post will discuss the most prominent reasons why the PayPal App keeps crashing on your Realme 9 Pro. In addition, you will learn multiple troubleshooting methods to fix this issue.

Reasons for Crash

The primary reason for PayPal App crash could be inadequate system resources. If you are using multiple apps, each of which has numerous background processes active, they will eat up your memory of your Realme 9 Pro. So, many apps which do not have access to the bare minimum resources required to function will hang or crash.

Another prominent reason could be that your PayPal App is running on an outdated version. Other notable reasons are poor network bandwidth, inadequate storage, corrupt app cache, or a temporary glitch. Let’s see ways to overcome from such issue:

Do this to fix PayPal App keeps crashing issue on Realme 9 Pro

Restart Your Realme 9 Pro

Restarting a device is the oldest trick in the book to get it working again. When you restart your Realme 9 Pro, it closes all the active apps and processes. After that, the phone turns on again with only system processes active. It is a neat method to free up memory and restart all the core apps and services.

  • To restart your Realme 9 Pro phone, just press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • The power menu will pop up with relevant power options including restart and power off.
  • Tap on the restart option and wait for the device to restart.
  • Then try running the PayPal App and check if it crashes or not.

Force Close the PayPal App

Clearing an app from the recent apps pane in your Realme 9 Pro doesn’t close the app’s background services. So, you need to force close the PayPal App to close everything running in the background. Then, you can start it afresh and check if the app encounters a crash or not.

  • Press and hold the PayPal App icon to bring up additional options and click on App info.
  • Find the Force stop option at the bottom of the App info screen and tap on it.
  • Now, reopen the app to check if it crashes again.

Clear App Data and App Cache

App cache helps speed up the loading time of the app. But app cache can fill up very quickly and not many apps can auto-clear their cache. If it becomes corrupt, the PayPal App may crash when you try to open it.

Please note that after clearing PayPal App Data it will remove all the details you have previously saved in that App. If you don’t wish to remove your saved data then we recommend try just clearing the cache.

  • Open the Apps menu on your Realme 9 Pro.
  • Press and hold on to the PayPal App & click on the “i” button to open the App info page.
  • Tap on the Clear Data option present at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the clear cache option.

Update PayPal App

App developers push out frequent updates to fix widespread issues with the current build. If you face frequent crashes, updating the app could fix it. Head over to Google Play Store app and search for the PayPal. If it has an update available, download and install it, and then launch it to check for abrupt crashes.

Update Google Play Store Services

Google Play Services connects apps installed on your Realme 9 Pro to other Google services. You need to keep it updated to avoid app conflicts and glitches.

  • Head over to your Realme 9 Pro settings and open the list of all installed apps on your phone.
  • Then open the app info page of Google Play Services.
  • If you see an Update or Install button tap on it. Wait for the updates to install and then restart your Realme 9 Pro phone.

Check for OS Updates

Sometimes the latest version of PayPal App may not run on outdated versions of Android OS. Check your Realme 9 Pro settings for OS updates. If updates are available to upgrade your Android version, download and install them.

  • Open the Settings app on your Realme 9 Pro phone.
  • Check for system updates manually. If an update is available, download it.
  • Then reboot your phone to allow it to install the updates.

Check App Permissions

Apps can crash if they don’t have all the necessary permissions to run. Some apps need multiple permissions including network, camera, file storage, contacts, and much more. If you don’t allow these permissions, some core features of the app won’t work. This may be the reason behind unexplained crashes.

  • Open the Apps menu on your Realme 9 Pro. Hold the PayPal App & click on “i” button to launch the App info page.
  • Scroll down and tap on the App permissions section.
  • Enable the permissions listed under the Not Allowed section.
  • Restart the PayPal App and check if it crashes now.

Check System Storage

If you think that the PayPal App occupies a fixed storage space, then you might be wrong. Apps continue to accumulate data as you use them. It includes app cache, and app data which slowly grow in size. If your Realme 9 Pro phone’s storage is nearly full, you will get a system notification that some apps and features may stop working.

So, try to clear the cache of your most used apps and sieve through the file manager for useless files and folders. Delete all the items you don’t need. Once you free up space, run the app again and check if it crashes or not.

Reinstall the App

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and still the PayPal App keeps crashing on your Realme 9 Pro phone, then performing a reinstall might solve your problem. First, you have to uninstall the PayPal App which will remove all the files and data associated with the same. After that, you will have to install the app again from Google Play Store. Keep in mind that you will lose all your app data.

Reset Your Realme 9 Pro

Factory reset is the last resort to fix PayPal App keeps crashing problem on your Realme 9 Pro. If it’s happening with multiple apps then the Android OS files might have corrupted. In that case, app reinstalls won’t do the trick anymore.

You will have to factory reset your Realme 9 Pro but keep in mind that you will lose all your phone’s data. We suggest you either create a file and folder backup or create a phone backup before performing this step. You can restore phone settings, contacts, messages, and apps using the backup image.

To factory reset your Realme 9 Pro just do this:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone (or System) >> Backup and reset (or Reset).
  • Select “Reset All Data (Factory Reset)”.


Not just PayPal App but any App crashes are common and usually resolve after the phone has ample storage and free memory. But sometimes the corrupt app data and cache can create problems. Start with the above-mentioned methods in a linear fashion. Stay away from so-called memory cleaner apps which might do more harm than good.

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