Oppo Reno Z Battery Drain Issue? Try these tips

If you own a Oppo Reno Z, you’re probably aware of the phone’s quick battery drain issue. No worries, we’ll give some solutions in this article that may be useful in resolving such situations on your own. Are you ready to learn and put our tips into practice? Let’s start:

Reasons [ Oppo Reno Z Battery Drain Issue ]

Here are some reasons behind this issue:

1. Overuse

Few individuals use their phones for a variety of tasks, such as making long-distance calls, regularly capturing photos and videos, and using social networking apps. These are a few of the factors that cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly over time, and this is quite normal.

2. Using an Outdated Mobile Phone

Using an old mobile phone might result in rapid battery depletion, thus it’s a good idea to replace your phone every 5 years. However, because the Oppo Reno Z isn’t an outdated gadget, you can dismiss this rationale and go on to other possibilities.

3. Don’t use your Phone while Charging

Few people converse on the phone while charging & this is a big problem. It causes battery overheating and slows down the functionality of your phone.

Let’s move on to the solutions now:

Solutions [ Oppo Reno Z Battery Drain Issue ]


1. Analyse your Battery use.

To do so, go to your phone’s settings -> pick “battery” -> select the option “Show full device usage” from the battery usage option.

You can check the amount of apps that are draining your phone’s battery, as well as the active and background time duration, within that section. You may now set restrictions on such applications and uninstall a few that you don’t need.

2. Turn off the “Auto Brightness” Feature

This function can be turned off in the display settings of your Oppo Reno Z smartphone. When you enable this feature, your phone changes the brightness based on the available lighting conditions, which uses more energy.

3. Disable Non-Useful Notifications [ Oppo Reno Z Battery Drain Issue ]

We all know that every application sends out a variety of notifications on its own (like app updates, and downloads related). You can turn off some notifications if you think they aren’t necessary.

Go to app settings -> click on “Apps” and then uncheck the box “Show Notification” app option.

4. Manually Disable the Data Connections

If you leave data connections like Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, or Bluetooth “ON” all the time, your phone’s battery will deplete considerably faster. To avoid this, only enable such important features when they are completely essential; otherwise, turn them off.

5. Reduce Sleep/Screen Settings

This is an important tip: identify how long your phone’s screen is “ON” and then try to reduce the screen setting if you aren’t using it.

6. Look for Software Flaws [ Oppo Reno Z Battery Drain Issue ]

If you’ve done all of the above and still have a battery drain issue, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a software fault. Simply reset your Oppo Reno Z phone and make sure it has all of the current software updates..

7. Protect the health of your Phone’s Battery

You’ve probably heard that charging your phone overnight can result in a massive explosion, right? Actually, this is incorrect. Even if it’s a misconception, we recommend that you don’t let your phone charging for too long.

It’s always vital to protect your phone’s battery in everyday use; the easiest method to do so is to avoid heavy charging or overnight charging.

We hope you now understand why your Oppo Reno Z’s battery is draining and how to cure it.

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