Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth Connection Problem? Fix it

Gone are the days when we used to transfer photos and more via Bluetooth. Although some people still use it for that purpose, it is being used for other useful purposes as well. Such as connecting with car infotainment systems or wireless earphones and headphones, etc. This is why the sight of the Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth connection problem is daunting. Because this problem can prevent you from latching with any Bluetooth-powered device.

However, this isn’t the only Bluetooth issue you could face. There are other issues like your phone is unable to find other Bluetooth devices or the device got connected but there’s no audio or the connection keeps losing repeatedly, etc. If that sums up the Bluetooth connection problem on your Oppo A95 (4G), here’s how you can actually fix it.

How To Fix Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth Connection Problem?

Toggle Bluetooth option

It goes without saying, this is an easy-to-follow method that actually works in many cases. What’s happening here is that your Oppo A95 (4G) didn’t engage Bluetooth when you asked it to and that is why you were able to connect automatically. Another explanation would be a minor software glitch that you can fix using this method.

  • Bring down the Notification Pane.
  • Tap on Bluetooth once to disable it (as it was enabled at first).
  • Tap on it several times before engaging it and check whether your Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth connection problem is gone or not.

Toggle Airplane Mode [ Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

In case the previous method didn’t work, you can use this method. You are basically relieving your Oppo A95 (4G) off any external connections using Airplane Mode but on a temporary basis. As soon as you disengage it, all the connections will be restored.

  • Bring down the Notification Pane.
  • Tap on the “Airplane Mode” icon once to engage it and wait.
  • After a few minutes, disengage it and turn on Bluetooth to pair with any Bluetooth device.
  • Verify whether this troubleshooting method works or not.

Restart your Oppo A95 (4G)

This is a hattrick method where you are basically dozing off your phone assuming that it will fix any software glitch that it encountered whilst using the Bluetooth function. This should work for many so why not try.

  • Press the power button for a few seconds and select “Reboot”.
  • If you have selected “Power Off”, you will have to long-press on the power button again to turn it ON.
  • Check whether your Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth connection problem has vanished or not.

Forget and Re-connect [ Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

You are trying to connect to a Bluetooth TWS or speaker Or any other device using your Oppo A95 (4G) however, to no avail. If this is the first time you are connecting the phone to that particular device, n number of things could be wrong (that we will get back to later). However, if you are connecting to a previously connected device, here’s a troubleshooting method that might work.

  • Go to Settings >> Bluetooth and locate the device you want to connect to.
  • Tap on the gear-shaped or three dots for “More Options” and select “Forget” or “Unpair”.
  • Hold up for a few seconds.
  • Next up, turn on Bluetooth on the other device you wanted to connect and search it on your Oppo A95 (4G) to pair.
  • Check whether pairing with it resolves the impending Bluetooth issue or not.

Connected but with issues

Consider this situation, you connected to a Bluetooth TWS and called someone but there’s no audio. Alternatively, you have the audio but the built-in microphone doesn’t work. Perhaps both are working but you aren’t able to listen to any songs or audio from a video which seems odd. Perhaps, it isn’t odd but the settings made it do so. In your Oppo A95 (4G) phone:

  • Go to Settings >> Bluetooth >> Locate the Bluetooth device you connected to >> Settings (More Options).
  • Many Android phones have different settings that guide whether or not a Bluetooth TWS (or other devices) would allow certain services. You could have opted out of phone calls, input, or media playback causing the three different issues we mentioned above respectively.

Enabling these services will fix the problem right away.

Clear Cache [ Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

Another potential problem of your Oppo A95 (4G) phone’s inability to connect with Bluetooth devices properly is the Bluetooth cache. Turns out you can resolve this issue simply by clearing the Bluetooth cache. Here’s how it goes.

  • First up, go to Settings >> Apps.
  • Search for Bluetooth possibly under “Show System Apps”.
  • Navigate to Bluetooth >> Storage.
  • Now, tap on both the buttons “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” and that should do the needful.
  • You will have to re-pair to the Bluetooth device in question but at least that will fix the problem at the earliest.

Distance and interference

A lot of times, people forget that Bluetooth doesn’t operate over long distances and that interferences can cause issues sustaining services even if connected. This is why you will feel the audio is cracking when you move away from your Oppo A95 (4G) when connected to TWS earphones.

Perhaps, draw closer to the device and minimize the interferences caused by walls or anything between your Oppo A95 (4G) and the Bluetooth device in question to fix the connection problem.

Try it out with other phones

You aren’t able to connect to a Bluetooth speaker or any wearable or say the wireless headphones for some reason. So, take another Android smartphone and try to pair that with these devices. If it works out, there’s something wrong with your Oppo A95 (4G) Or not the other way around.

Did you check for compatibility?

You should know that Bluetooth has different generations and based on which one your Oppo A95 (4G) has and the device you are connected to, it may or may not connect. Latest Android phones are using Bluetooth v5.0 and so on while older devices might be using previous gen and the same goes for the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to. Verify the generation and check for compatibility.

Apart from that, Bluetooth devices may have different ways to connect. Some would need a simple pairing, some would ask you to allow pairing while some would require a passcode flashed on one of the devices to enter on another one. Thus, you could be using the wrong method to connect so do check it out as well.

Reset Network Settings [ Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

A lot can be changed within the network settings and a simple reset would do the trick if your Oppo A95 (4G) connection problem was because of incorrect settings.

  • You need to go to Settings >> Reset Network Settings.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and you should be able to reset Network Settings right away.
  • Restart your Oppo A95 (4G) and check whether the problem has been resolved or not.

Update the firmware

If there’s any fault on your end, it can be rectified with a software update. Assuming that your Oppo A95 (4G) is still getting updates, you should be able to fix the Bluetooth connection is recognized by the OEM. Here’s how to look for software updates.

  • Navigate to Settings >> System >> Software Updates >> Check for updates.
  • If you find one, download and install it.
  • Reboot your Oppo A95 (4G) and verify the problem.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the useful methods that you can utilize to fix the Oppo A95 (4G) Bluetooth connection problem that you are struggling with. Hope you are able to fix the problem successfully.

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