OnePlus 9 Pro unresponsive touch screen? Do this to fix it

The touch screen on a smartphone that doesn’t work right can be annoying. We offer a few potential solutions to your issue as part of this article: How to resolve the touch screen issue on the OnePlus 9 Pro

Have you ever considered the factors that lead to such a circumstance? Yes, most likely. Physical damage to the OnePlus 9 Pro’s display is the most common cause.

However, recent software updates (which may include bugs or glitches that cause the touch screen to malfunction) may also be to blame for these issues with your phone.

How can I fix the unresponsive touch screen on my OnePlus 9 Pro?

The following are some solutions to this problem:

Reboot your phone

The most common solution for OnePlus 9 Pro touch screen issues is this one. All background processes will end and all of your phone’s RAM will be freed up if you restart it.

This approach results in improved program performance. As a result, restart your smartphone. That ought to have resolved your issue now.

Is it still incomplete? Don’t worry. You can try the additional strategies we’ve listed below:

Boot into safe mode

Your OnePlus 9 Pro may restart in the same state it was in when it started in safe mode. When your Android phone is in safe mode, all third-party apps are temporarily disabled.

Your smartphone’s default settings will be restored after a reset. Continue reading if you want to put your OnePlus 9 Pro into safe mode. You are required to carry out the following:

If you continue to hold down the power button, a menu will appear. A “Reboot to safe mode” warning will appear when you hold down the Power off symbol for three to four seconds. Hit “OK.”

Right now, safe mode is activated. Verify that the touch screen is functional in safe mode.

If this is the case, you might be having issues with a few recent third-party apps that you downloaded and installed on your phone. It is suggested that you first uninstall these applications before downloading and installing them again from the Google Play Store.

Test your Display

A few apps from the Google Play Store can be used to test your OnePlus 9 Pro display. Display Tester is one of such apps used to test your smartphone display.

Factory Reset [ How to fix OnePlus 9 Pro unresponsive touch screen isssue ]

You might have used this strategy to solve other issues with your phone. The OnePlus 9 Pro will behave differently after you use this method compared to when you bought it (PS: However, do not anticipate the same performance. Your phone’s data will be completely deleted by you.

The factory reset feature on your phone will remove all data from third-party apps and, in some cases, restore the settings to their defaults.

If you use this method, all of your smartphone’s data will be deleted, so be aware of this before proceeding. Therefore, be sure to back up any important files.

How to reset the OnePlus 9 Pro factory settings:

Reset options can be found under System > Settings > Advanced. After erasing all data, return the phone to its factory settings.

After this procedure is finished, you might also be asked to provide your password. I finished. After a factory reset, the touch screen on your phone should work normally.

We are confident that you now know the solution to the OnePlus 9 Pro’s nonresponsive touch screen.

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