OnePlus 9 Pro Network Problem? Our tips could help you to fix it

If you’re a OnePlus 9 Pro user, you might have encountered this problem, which is sometimes referred to as “No Network Available” or “unregistered SIM card.” This is a rather typical issue if you are using the dual SIM version of the aforementioned phone.

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You can try it out if you’re curious; we’re not pressing you to buy it. To be absolutely honest, we would like to state that the link we provided is an affiliate. However, in this particular post, we provide some guidance for tackling related issues.

This article will provide you a thorough, step-by-step tutorial on how to resolve such a problem.

Tips to fix OnePlus 9 Pro Network Problem

1. Restart your phone

Rebooting your OnePlus 9 Pro phone will typically fix the “Network not available” issue. Did you know it’s essential to restart the device? The only purpose of this is to retrain the phone’s memory, which should improve application speed and resolve a few small bugs.

So, when you restart your OnePlus 9 Pro, it can immediately resolve its network issue. We suggest moving on to the following steps if you’ve previously tried this.

2. Re-insert SIM Card [ OnePlus 9 Pro Network Problem ]

One of the most important steps in resolving the network issue on your OnePlus 9 Pro is this one. The SIM card only needs to be correctly reinserted after being removed once. Now that you’ve restarted your phone, check to see if the problem has been fixed. If the issue continues, put the SIM in another slot (assuming you have a Dual-SIM model).

In order to determine whether the problem is with your SIM or phone, you can also try to insert the SIM into another phone. Contact your SIM provider if the SIM on any of the devices is not operating properly (telecom company).

You might need to make a few minor changes to your OnePlus 9 Pro’s settings, which we’ve listed in the step below, even though it might work on another phone.

3. Check for the Network Settings

Your phone’s network issue could also be brought on by some wrong settings. To select the proper network settings for your phone, adhere to these steps:

Then, from the Settings -> Network & Internet menu, choose Mobile Network > Advanced. Look for the “Automatically select network” option and turn it on.

The next step after making the aforementioned adjustments is to look for the “Data Roaming” option.

4. Turn OFF the “Roaming mode”

How to do it:

Activate the Mobile Network option under Settings -> Network & Internet. Look for the “Roaming” option and disable it.

The below-mentioned option to steps 3 and 4 is as follows:

5. Reset the Network Connection

To reset your phone’s network settings, do the following:

a. First, access “Settings.”

b. Select “System option,” “Advanced,” and then “Reset options” from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

c. From the list of options, select “Reset mobile network” (you might also see “Reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile network”; in that case, choose “mobile network” exclusively).

d. Last but not least, choose “Reset settings” from the menu.

The settings on your phone are now correct. Restarting your phone is necessary for the modified settings to take effect.

We trust that your OnePlus 9 Pro’s network issue has been resolved. If the issue nonetheless persists, we encourage you to get in touch with the closest authorised service centre so that a team of experts may check your phone for any significant hardware or software issues.

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