OnePlus 6T lagging? Here’s what to do

Today, regardless of the cost of your phone, you may experience lagging, also known as hanging, if you use it for an extended period. In this article, we will provide some essential tips to resolve the lagging or hanging issues on your OnePlus 6T phone. Here we go:

Tips to fix lagging [aka hanging] problems in OnePlus 6T

To prevent the lagging or hanging problem in your OnePlus 6T, follow these steps:

1. Clearing the data cache:

Your phone’s cache could be the primary factor contributing to the lagging issue. When utilizing an app or browsing a website, cache files are generated automatically, whether it’s downloading content or just casual surfing.

These files are temporary & serve no purpose after a certain time. However, their presence can significantly impact the storage capacity and RAM memory of your phone.

 Steps to clear the cache in OnePlus 6T

Follow these below steps:

At first, go to device settings -> look for the “storage” -> then click on the “cached data”. Then the final step is, click on “Clear Cache” option & that’s it.

Important Note: When clearing cache, you may also come across the “Clear Data” option. Do not select this option as it will result in the loss of some or all of the files required for the proper functioning of the app.

Furthermore, we highly advise against using certain dedicated apps (####Cleaner) that claim to improve your device’s speed by clearing cache and junk files. These apps are not necessary and will not enhance the performance of your phone.

2. Try to disable or uninstall the unused applications:

When you buy a new phone, it comes pre-installed with certain default apps (even on devices that run on stock/pure Android). Unfortunately, many of these apps are often underutilized and consume valuable storage space on your OnePlus 6T. Although you cannot uninstall some default apps such as Google, you can try disabling them to free up memory.

To do this task:

Just long-press on the application icon >Tap on App info & select “Disable” option.

By implementing this, you will acquire additional storage space. Some devices have a feature referred to as “Sleep,” which enables you to maintain an app in a standby mode without having to delete it.

3. Disable the auto sync [ OnePlus 6T lagging ]

Auto-sync is a feature that ensures that your Gmail accounts, company updates, and meeting notifications are always up to date. Although it operates in the background, it can consume a large amount of RAM memory, leading to a decrease in device performance and sluggishness.

To disable the auto-sync, follow these steps:

Go to settings -> accounts option -> keep on scrolling down the screen until you will get “Auto sync” option -> turn it off.

4. Software updates:

Nowadays, smartphones from reputable brands are frequently updated with new software. The updates not only upgrade the device to the latest version of Android, but also provide important bug fixes to improve the performance of your OnePlus 6T.

If your OnePlus 6T is free from bugs, it can help resolve the problem of slow performance.

To check whether your device is up to date or not:

Go to settings -> look for the “Software update or System update” option -> Tap on it & you will see an option called “Check for software update” -> click on it -> if the update is available then you can download & install it.

Advice: If the newest software update is of substantial size (for example, 1GB or larger), it is advisable to only download it via a Wi-Fi network unless you have a mobile data plan with unlimited data.

5. Multi-tasking

If you have multiple applications running in the background on your OnePlus 6T, even when not in use, it can cause your device to lag. To prevent this, it is crucial to shut down any unwanted applications. You can accomplish this by tapping the “Overview Button” on your phone.

Aside from the previously mentioned solutions, there are numerous other alternatives for fixing these problems. However, we deemed them too complicated to utilize and opted to not include them in this article. We hope that the information provided has been beneficial to you.

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