My Screen Recording doesn’t have Sound | 100% Working Solution for Android 10 & older phones

If you’re frustrated by installing various screen recording apps across the Google Play Store and trying to figure out why your screen recording doesn’t have sound, we have the solution to help you fix this problem. Before we give you some solutions, be sure that your situation or issue is what we’ve mention below:

What does it mean, My screen recording doesn’t have sound?

It means, you have a dedicated Android App installed on your phone for a screen recording purpose & it’s doing its work perfectly. However, you don’t need just screen recording feature. You’re also expecting the dedicated app to record internal sound and this feature is not included.

That’s the reason why when you try to record your gameplay or any other videos, you may find yourself stuck in two situations. 1) The video/gameplay is recorded without sound, and 2) The dedicated Android App records both the internal (sound from your gameplay/video) and external sound (anything that happens around you, such as noise from television or outside vehicles).


There are two solutions that we’ve found useful for such situations.

1] For Android 10 users [ My Screen Recording doesn’t have Sound ]

If your device is running on Android 10 or a subsequent version, then there is a simple way to resolve your problem. For those who don’t know on which version of Android their smartphone is running, they can visit the settings menu and check the software information.

Install new App

Open the Google Play Store app on your phone and search for “Screen recorder with audio.”

Image : Screen recorder App with internal sound on Google Play Store

After that, you’ll see the application called “Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder” click ‘Install’ and then install it on your phone. We also recommend downloading it directly from this link. (Please note that this is just for information purposes. We don’t receive any type of affiliate commission if you install the above App from our link).

Once the installation is done, open the App & follow below steps :

Click on “Settings” option (Gear icon) available at the bottom right of the screen :

Image : Screen recorder with internal sound (settings)

From the options that are available, click on “Record Audio”:

Image : Screen recorder with internal sound (Sound record option)

After that you’ll see two options for Audio source: 1) Microphone, when you want to record your own voice with screen content and 2) Internal Audio, which can only be used if your app or game is compatible with Android 10 and up. Your app or game should also support internal audio recording”.

Click on “Internal Audio” :

Image : Screen recorder with internal sound (Audio source)

Now you’ve completed all the important steps necessary to make recording internal sound easier during screen recordings.

The last step is whenever you want to start recording your Android phone’s screen, simply click the “XRecorder” app. You’ll see the record screen icon in red on your screen (without opening the App) when it’s ready to go.

Image : Screen recorder with internal sound

If your device is on Android 10 and you have followed all the steps above, there’s nothing left that you need to do. Your screen recording will just work!

2] For Non-Android 10 users [ My Screen Recording doesn’t have Sound ]

If you’re using an Android smartphone running on version 9.0 Pie (or older) then unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to record internal sound while doing screen recording. If your phone is not rooted, it doesn’t matter which application you’re using as the system won’t allow any audio recording. (rooting the device and installing a new app is possible, but risky, so we don’t want to recommend that to our visitors).

But wait, there is a solution for every problem (at least in tech). still you are able to record internal sound in your Android device while recording the screen.

Need Earphones

Image : Earphones
(Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels)

Yaa, you need Earphones with a dedicated button provided to receive & end phone calls. Now to start screen recording, you need to simultaneously press the dedicated microphone button which will record all internal sounds from your phone’s content. While doing this don’t try to add any super glue (Fevikwik or similar) inside/outside the microphone button otherwise you may lose your costly earphones.

We hope our article was helpful to you. We always love hearing from our readers. Let us know if you have any feedback on our article in the comments section below !

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