My Instagram won't let me post pictures | Top 4 reasons & solutions

My Instagram won’t let me post pictures | Top 4 reasons & solutions


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Instagram is known as one of the most popular photo-sharing Social Media App across Android & iOS platforms. That’s the reason users love to surf & post their newly captured beautiful pics on the same platform. But sometimes you wonder, “Why my Instagram won’t let me post pictures?” Are you facing the same problem? No worries, because we have published this dedicated article just to sort out this issue.

It could have happened due to some serious policy violation issues or simply because of network issues. Let’s see what could be the exact Reasons & Solutions for your query, “My Instagram won’t let me post pictures.”

Reasons & Solutions [ My Instagram won’t let me post pictures ]

1] Slow Internet Connection

Image : Mobile error
Image : Mobile Error
(Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels)

Yes, before you post anything on Instagram you must have a high-speed working internet connection. Slow internet could be the first possible reason for your query, “Why My Instagram won’t let me post pictures?”

Solution: If you’re not using a Wi-Fi connection then turn your mobile data ON & do check if your Android or iOS smartphone is showing a 4G network at the top right/left corner of your phone. If the 4G network icon is missing there (It could happen in some specific locations for a short time) then open your Settings App, click on the network settings & select 4G as the preferred network. Once you have a working internet connection then open your Instagram App & try to post your pictures/videos.

2] Unnecessary App Cache

These are the junk files automatically saved in your phone’s storage while you’re using any specific App/website. Unnecessary stored junk files might be troubling you in accessing the Instagram App.

Solution: You’ll need to clear all cache files from your Instagram App. Just open Settings App > Apps & notifications > See all Apps > Select “Instagram” from the list > Storage & cache > Click on “Clear cache.” Once you do this, again launch your Instagram App & try to post your content. Are you still facing issues? Try to follow our next tips.

3] You’re temporary banned [ My Instagram won’t let me post pictures ]

Yes, this could be one of the most possible reasons for your query, “Why my Instagram won’t let me post pictures?” Just like any other leading Social Media Apps, Instagram is very strict in terms of policy violations of its community guidelines.

Did you continuously (by mistake) posted copyrighted content that is not created by you (It may include songs, movie clips, animations, etc) when your account was working fine? Didn’t you post some adult content that promotes nudity (again by mistake)? Did you post a large amount of content in a very short time (even if it was genuine)? Are you using any third-party applications/websites to increase your likes & followers on Instagram? If your answer is “Yes” for any of these questions then this is a violation of community guidelines provided by Instagram.

Solution: Open your Instagram App & immediately delete your previously published posts that contain copyrighted content. Also, remove each & every third-party App which allows you to artificially increase your likes & followers on Instagram (Don’t forget to sign out before removing those Apps). After that try to repost your new content.

But if you’re pretty much sure that you’re following all of the guidelines provided by Instagram & still facing problems while sharing pictures/videos then we suggest you follow our next tip.

4] You’re using an older version of Instagram

Image : Instagram App Update

Do you remember when did you last updated your Instagram App? You might be using an older version of the App & it could be time to upgrade (Don’t worry it will take only a few seconds).

Solution: Open “Play Store” from your Android phone & search for the Instagram App. Click on the “Update” (if it’s available) & wait for just a few seconds. After that restart, your phone, Open your Instagram App & try to post your favorite content.

In addition to this, you can uninstall the Instagram App & reinstall it.

We hope your issue (Why my Instagram won’t let me post pictures?”) is now completely solved. But unfortunately, if it still exists then we suggest you report a problem directly to Instagram & then their dedicated team will work to resolve your issues.

How to report a problem ? [ My Instagram won’t let me post pictures ]

Image : Instagram - Report a problem

Open Instagram > Go to your profile > Click on the 3 lines icon which you can find at the top right corner > Settings > Help > Report a Problem > Write your issue & Click on Submit.

We hope this article was helpful for solving your query: My Instagram won’t let me post pictures.

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