Motorola Moto G Pure not connecting to WiFi? Take these measures

We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you fix the Motorola Moto G Pure WiFi connection issue. You can follow the troubleshooting procedure in this post step by step. Starting now

Fixing the WiFi connectivity issue with the Motorola Moto G Pure

1. Reboot your device

Some of the procedures include:

A: Hold the power button on your phone down.

B: Then, you can select “Restart” from a menu of alternatives that will appear.

After a successful restart, check to see if your Motorola Moto G Pure is WiFi connected. In light of our own experience, it ought to operate right away. We advise you to review the remaining advice, nevertheless, if the issue continues.

Verify that your phone is within a practical range. [Motorola Moto G Pure not establishing WiFi connection]

Your phone needs to be close enough to working routers to establish a reliable connection with a fast speed.

a. 30-foot distance from the router connection usually speeds up the connection.

b. Between 30 and 60 feet distant, the connection will be somewhat sluggish.

c. Should the range go beyond this, WiFi connection performance is likely to suffer, and the connection interface might become less secure.

3. Forget the WiFi Network

If the connection settings on the wireless access point are altered frequently due to this problem, the WiFi network may become corrupted. The WiFi network should be disabled in order to create an appropriate connection interface.

Following are the steps:

a. First, navigate to “Settings” on your Motorola Moto G Pure.

b. After that, choose the “WiFi” connection.

c. Long-press the WiFi network selection and hold it there until the WiFi network of your choice pops up.

d. After choosing your network, select “Forget” from the list of WiFi network options.

4. Connect again to the WiFi network if the Motorola Moto G Pure is having trouble doing so.

Before starting these steps, ensure that step 3 has been performed. After that,

a. From the menu, choose “Settings.”

b. Click “WiFi”

c. Verify that the “WiFi” connection is turned on again.

d. Select the WiFi network you want to use. If your preferred WiFi network has security enabled, enter the password. It’s as simple as tapping “Connect.”

Your Motorola Moto G Pure is still unable to connect to WiFi. There are a few more techniques that you can try below, so there’s no need to panic.

5. Restart your Router Or Modem.

Restarting the modem or router can frequently solve certain connection-related issues quickly and simply.

These are the steps:

a. First, unplug the power cable for the modem.

b. If you’re employing a router, try cutting the data line or hitting the router’s power button to switch it off.

c. Hold off for 30 to 40 seconds before moving on.

d. Reattach the cable to the modem or router.

e. Verify that the LED light on your device is functioning properly.

6. Make sure the Network Or Modem connection cable is in good working order.

Whether you have a wireless or cable connection is irrelevant; all that matters is that your routers and modems are correctly set up and linked to the internet.

a. Verify this by performing the following:

b. Check to see sure the power cord is securely fastened to the modem’s rear. See if the power LED light is set to “ON.”

c. Check to see if your mobile phone’s offered connection line is in good functioning order.

d. Verify whether the router connection is stable or not.

If you followed every step above, your Motorola Moto G Pure should now be linked to a reliable WiFi network.

We hope you found this information to be beneficial.

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