Motorola Moto G Pure Battery Drain Issue? Try these tips

You are undoubtedly well aware of the Motorola Moto G Pure’s issue with the battery draining quickly. No need to worry; we’ll provide some answers in this article that might help you handle similar issues on your own. Are you prepared to absorb and use our advice? Let’s begin:

Reasons [ Motorola Moto G Pure Battery Drain Issue ]

The following are some causes of this problem:

1. Overuse

Few people frequently use their phones for activities like making long distance calls, taking pictures and videos, and utilising social media apps. These are a few of the things that can cause the battery in your phone to drain quickly over time; this is quite natural.

2. Using an Outdated Mobile Phone

It’s wise to change your phone every five years because using an old mobile phone could cause the battery to discharge quickly. You can ignore this justification and consider alternative options, though, because the Motorola Moto G Pure isn’t an antiquated device.

3. Don’t use your Phone while Charging

There is a significant issue because so few people talk on the phone while it is charging. Your phone’s performance suffers and the battery overheats as a result.

Now let’s get to the answers:

Solutions [ Motorola Moto G Pure Battery Drain Issue ]


1. Analyse your Battery use.

To achieve this, open the settings menu on your phone, select “Battery,” and then click the “Show complete device usage” option under the battery usage section.

Within that section, you can view the total number of apps using up your phone’s battery as well as their active and background time durations. Now that these applications are restricted, you can remove some of the ones you don’t use.

2. Turn off the “Auto Brightness” Feature

In the display settings of your Motorola Moto G Pure smartphone, this feature can be disabled. By turning on this option, your phone adjusts its brightness based on the ambient lighting, which consumes more energy.

3. Disable Non-Useful Notifications [ Motorola Moto G Pure Battery Drain Issue ]

Every programme, as we all know, automatically generates a variety of notifications (like app updates, and downloads related). If you feel that any notifications are unnecessary, you can turn them off.

To disable the “Show Notification” app option, go to the app’s settings, choose “Apps,” and then uncheck the box.

4. Manually Disable the Data Connections

Your phone’s battery will run out far more quickly if you always leave data connections like Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, or Bluetooth “ON.” Only switch on such crucial features when they are absolutely necessary in order to prevent this; otherwise, leave them off.

5. Reduce Sleep/Screen Settings

This is a crucial piece of advice: keep track of how long your phone’s screen is “ON” and then try to lower the setting if you aren’t using it.

6. Look for Software Flaws [ Motorola Moto G Pure Battery Drain Issue ]

When all of the aforementioned steps have been taken and the battery depletion problem persists, a software error may be to blame. Make sure your Motorola Moto G Pure phone has all of the most recent software upgrades and reset it.

7. Protect the health of your Phone’s Battery

You’ve probably heard that leaving your phone charging overnight might cause a huge explosion. We advise against leaving your phone charging for too long, even if this is a common misperception.

The simplest strategy to safeguard your phone’s battery while using it every day is to prevent heavy charging or overnight charging.

We hope you now understand the causes of the battery drain on your Motorola Moto G Pure and how to fix it.

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